Ode To Softball

By Audrey Hood

I picked you up for the first time

When I was only five years old.

From the moment I started

I knew it was right, as if it was destiny.

You were with me when my father was trying

To teach me how to throw a ball for the first time.

You were with me when I had my first game

And was learning the ropes of softball.


You were with me all my years of house league and travel softball.

You were with me even when my team was

Constantly changing like a revolving door.

You were with me for all my games, even if I won or lost.

You traveled with me all over the East coast when I had tournaments.

You were there for all my late weeknight practices

When I probably should’ve been doing homework.


You were like the rock in my life

That was always there for me.

You were one of my closests companions

Who helped me make my plays and my outs.

You were the one thing I could look forward to everyday

like a toy to a kid.


Now you’re like an old family member.

You’re something I take for granted sometimes

But I will always love.

Even when I don’t have practice

I pull you out and grab a softball to throw with

Just because I love the game.


You have become a lifestyle

Not a hobby.

You are something I don’t ever have to doubt.

When I have a glove and a ball in my hand

I am my most confident and best self.

You’re one of the most concrete things in my life.


Softball has become my home.


  1. The poem I published was an ode poem.
  2. I chose softball as the subject of my ode poem because I have been playing softball for almost ten years of my life. I have also found that softball has been my best stress reliever through middle school because it is something I will always be good at.
  3. The tone of my poem is a mix between heartfelt and appreciation because this ode poem is showing my gratitude towards my ability to play the game.
  4. The theme of my poem is that if you find something you love, you should work hard to be your very best at it.
  5. “You were like the rock in my life” is a simile that shows that softball was always something I had in my life and “Now you’re like an old friend” is also a simile that shows that I have grown comfortable with softball through the years of playing it.
  6. I changed “tournaments” to “games” so that there wouldn’t be unwanted repetition and “friend” to “companion” for a more elegant word.
  7. It was pretty easy to write this poem because I didn’t have to think about why I love the game of softball or having the ability to play softball.
  8. I am very satisfied with my poem because it reminds me of all the reasons why I love softball.

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