Will the Future Give Us Freedom?

By Sean Peacock


Will the future give us a choice?

Will the future be a choice?

Will our statue still stand,

As it has for years.


Will our rights still live,

Or will rights be extinct?

Of all the choices in the world,

The future is the most crucial.


Where we may be commanded,

Not in war, but in life.

Will our window be open,

Or already gone?


The future is dashing.

When should we start to change,

Because there is no end.


The future is like a slithering snake.

Hissing at our changes,

Because the future is on a course.

But will the future

Give us freedom?



  1. I wrote an inspired poem.
  2. I got my inspiration from dystopian books, because they make me think if that future could truly be a reality.
  3. The tone of my poem is anxiety.
  4. The theme of my poem is to make a difference.
  5. A form of figurative language is “The future is like a slithering snake.” This is a simile, and it contributes to theme and tone development by saying that there is not much time to change, and there is the anxiety of waiting what the future will be. The second figurative language in my poem is “Hissing at our changes.” This is a form of onomatopoeia, and causes us to be anxious at our changes of how tha snake will change and that differences make a difference.
  6. My first revision was changing “running” to “dashing” to make it feel like it was moving much faster. My second revision was changing “dead” to “extinct” which gave a better since of rights never coming back.
  7. It was pretty easy to right this poem since I was righting based off of an inspiration which allowed me to easily establish what I wanted to establish.
  8. I am very satisfied with my final draft because it has gone revision and editing and all of that has created a poem that shows my view of the dystopian world.

One thought on “Will the Future Give Us Freedom?

  1. I love the way you used the future to make a poem and I think your poem has a cool way of looking at things.

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