By: Natalie Beach


We are children

We have no say

We have no truth


Even though we try-

Even though we speak-

We will not be heard


We are just like you

Only young

Yet you can speak

You will be heard


If we must-

We shall scream

Scream our hearts out

In hopes that someone,

anyone, will hear us


Forever I scream

Never to be heard.

“IF ONLY” I scream.

If only…

For children have no say in truth.


Even now,

as these words flow out,

like a raging river,

I will not be heard.


These words will remain

on a blank, ripped page.


They think they know.

They think they care.

But in fact,

they lie.


They do not care-

We are just a number.

We speak-

We scream.


What is the point…

if we will never be heard.

So I remain in silence,

waiting…till the number falls.

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