The Bomber

===================THE BOMBER===================

Parker Twombly


It is a nice sunny day

No clouds for miles around

The warm glow of the suns rays hit my skin

I loook at my friend and he smirks

A little girl skips over to us

“Can I spin?” She asks

My friend and I say no

She climes on anyway

Suddenly the wind picks up, coldness

The eight grader starts to spin the metal, screeching

My friend tries to stop him but its too late

It picks up speed and the girl slips

Her legs fly out behind her

Her fingers turn bone white as she holds on for dear life

Four fingers

Three fingers

Two fingers left

One final jerk sends her sailing

She flies through the air

A fighter jet soaring through the air

Her eyes burn into me and I see murder

Her legs flail around right before impact

Her twisted foot lands, squishing into an old ladys face

The lady topples backward and they lay still

I look at the carnage and grin



1- Which poem type did you publish?

I published a sensory detail poem.

2- Answer ONE question that goes with your poem type

Why did you choose this emotion?

I chose the two emotions peacefull and fear because they are opposite tones that would make for a good twist in the story.

3- What is the tone of your poem?

The tone of my poem is fear.

4- What is the theme of your poem?

The theme of my poem is “Do what you want in life and dont let go”

5- Choose TWO examples of figurative language in the poem.

Two examples of figurative language in my poem are “Her fingers turn bone white” and “Her eyes burn into me.” These figurative language examples help set the dark sinister mood in the poem.

6- What are two specific ways you revised this poem.

I revised this peom by changing smile to grin in the last line, I made this change to help set the final mood and leave a lasting impression.

I revised this poem by adding the metaphor of her being a fighter jet, i revised this to really give the immage of her flying through the air.

7- How easy was it to write this poem?

This poem was easy to write because it was a memory I remember fondly and I can still recall most of the details.

8- How satisfied are you with your final draft?

I am very satisfied with my final poem and I think it turned out great! It has a good mood change and hopefully leaves a lasting impression.

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