By: Eric Stoesser

It all started off as a sunny and partly cloudy day,
Friends and families having a fabulous day in Boston,
Before the annual marathon.
Then, Boom and a few seconds later Boom.
People start yelling and everyone goes crazy.
Then you hear sirens,
Bee doo bee doo.
Later on the news.
“Two people are the culprits,
For this horrifying incident in Boston.”
Then, that night the news says that three people died,
And many many more are hurt.

The peom I published was an inspired by poem.

The source of inspiration for my poem was terrorism. I was inspired by terrorism because it is a big problem nowadays.

The tone of my poem is saddening.

The theme of my poem is violence doesn’t solve anything.

“Bee doo bee doo,” is an example of onomatopoeia. This figurative language helps contribute to the poem by enhancing the sound of the police and all the medical personnel.

“Boom,” is an example of onomatopoeia. This figurative language helps the reader understand how big the explosion was.

My first revision was putting in the word horrifying instead of scary. I did this to deepen the meaning.

My second revision was putting in beautiful instead of good. I did this to to show how nice of a day it was before the incident.

The poem was easy for me to write because terrorism is a big deal in our time right now and I also don’t like terrorism.

I am very satisfied by my work because I did the best I could do.

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