By: Emma Comerford

I wear clothes my parents approve

Not worried what they’ll say,

Just worried about you

You sit and judge me like a show dog


Dressed to cover my shoulders

Because we are solving the problem for you

My shoulders might offend you

Possibly because mine look better than yours

Or just because you have the power of a king

To tell me to cover my shoulders


But I’ve seen you

Go ahead,

Hide behind your rules like a toddler to its mother’s leg

Maybe we expose you

Just like my clothes expose my shoulders


  1. I published an Inspired by poem
  2. The source of my inspiration was the women objectification, a lot of teachers assume that girls wear these off the shoulder tops, crop tops, or tank tops because we want to impress guys. That isn’t true, we wear it because it is hot outside
  3. The tone of my poem is mostly agitated
  4. The theme of my poem is Enough is Enough
  5. “Hide behind your rules like a toddler to its mothers legs” This is a simile, and it contributes to the tone by saying that they know what they are doing is a bit over the top but they don’t want to come out and admit it.
  6. “You sit and judge me like a show dog” This is another simile and it contributes to the tone of the poem by making the school seem like they are picking on us for everything
  7. It was pretty easy to write this poem because it is a topic I feel very strongly about
  8. I am very satisfied with my final draft because it explains and portrays the school board exactly the way I was hoping


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