Rick Astley For President (Inspired By)

Written by: Jacob Vail


He’s never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry

Never gonna say goodbye

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Never gonna give

Never gonna give

Give you up

Bright blond hair

Dancing around

He is no stranger to love

And he knows not of hate

He is Rick

And he rightfully should be…



1. I published an inspired by poem.

2. The source of my inspiration was Rick Astley’s song titled “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and I chose it because I enjoy the song and it already contains a large amount of hyperboles.

3. The tone of my poem is proud.

4. The theme of my poem is ‘Rick Astley Should Be President.’

5A. ‘Never gonna let you down’ is an example of a hyperbole, as the word never is an absolute and total word. It influences the tone and theme by providing a quote from the song, as well as being a positive sentence.

5B. ‘Bright blond hair’ is an example of imagery and alliteration, which influences the tone and theme by using a word with a positive connotation.

6A. I changed ‘will’ to ‘should’ in line 15, because it made more sense as Rick Astley becoming president wasn’t a definite thing.

6B. I changed ‘moving’ to ‘dancing in line 11, because in the music video that I took inspiration from, they were dancing, not just moving.

7. It was much more easy to write this poem than the other poems, as I could use words from the song to express my point more clearly, instead of having to come up with all of my own words.

8. I am very satisfied with my final draft, as I don’t see any words that could be improved much farther, and my point gets across very clearly.

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