Ode to Pizza

By: Kaitlinh Nguyen

Every Friday you lure me,

Like a candy to a child.

You bring my bitter mood

Up like Christmas morning.

Programmed like a computer,

My automatic fingers dial and call the pizza bakery.

Tik tok,

Tik tok,

I watch the clock,

Waiting for my treasure.

The door rings.

Familiar smells invade my home,

And you arrive.

I guard you like a soldier,

Incase an intruder tries to steal.

My prized possession.

Like a missing piece of a puzzle

I take a slice of you,





Yummy bits of cheese and bread

Invade my taste buds

And I welcome you with open arms.

Distracted by the tv,

I reach for another slice of you,

But unlike my stomach,

The box is empty.

Like a child finished with their candy,

I still craved more of you.


  1. I published an ode poem.
  2. I chose to write about pizza because in my family we frequently order pizza and pizza is one of my favorite foods.
  3.  The tone of my poem is, appreciative.
  4. The theme of my poem is that pizza is enjoyable and appetizing.
  5. “Every Friday you lure me, like a candy to a child.”, this figurative language is a simile, and it helps the reader relate to how a child fells about candy. This shows how the pizza is appetizing. “Like a child finished with their candy, I still craved more of you.”, this is another example of a simile, and it helps the reader understand how enjoyable the pizza was.
  6. I changed the word good to scrumptious, because it was a more descriptive word. I also added another simile to the end of my poem. I added ” Like a child finished with their candy, I still craved more of you.”
  7. This poem was not difficult to write because there are a lot of senses associated with pizza. It was easy to describe the smell and taste.
  8. I am satisfied with my final draft, I revised and edited it, and got a peer reviewer to go over my final draft.

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