Good Vibes

By: Logan Boddie

Tall standing trees dancing in the breeze

The sun peaking through its bright green leaves making shadow puppets on the grass

Joyful solitude

Waking up naturally to birds singing at your window

With the energy to start the new day

Reading a book without distractions and the ability to become part of it

Sleeping in tranquility

Peace calms the weak-hearted like a mother

Peace is like an eternal hug

Peace is a sunset beach on a clear day

With no one else but you


  1. I published an emotion poem.
  2. I chose this emotion because I think that people overlook it because they’re so busy pursuing something else and don’t realise how powerful it can be.
  3. The tone of my poem is peaceful.
  4. The theme of my poem is that peace is all around us, we just need to stop to enjoy it.
  5. One example of figurative language in my poem is “Tall standing trees dancing in the breeze” which is a personification. I chose this line of figurative language because when it it really nice outside, kinda hot with a cool breeze, the trees sway in a relaxing motion and relaxation is related to peace. Another example of figurative language from my poem is “peace calms the weak-hearted like a mother” which is a simile. I chose this figurative language because when someone suddenly feels peaceful, one could describe it as a wave that washes over them. I would describe the way a mother makes you feel as a wave of peace, also.
  6. The first revision I made was that I added the line “the sun peaking through its bright green leave ps making shadow puppets on the grass” to add more detail. The second revision I made was that I changed “trees rustling in the breeze” to “trees dancing in the breeze” to add a personification.
  7. It was easy to write this poem because peace is so abundant that it isn’t hard to understand what it feels like which is why it was easy to make others understand what peace feels like.
  8. I am very satisfied with the final draft of this poem because I think that I have conveyed successfully what peace is to the reader with the help of figurative language which is a win in my book.

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