An Ode to My Refrigerator

by Molly Kaplan


You stand like a trophy,

gleaming in the soft light from the kitchen window.

Your plain exterior nothing compared to what you hold inside.

Two doors, only two doors stand before me

and your delicious contents.

I then open the door, and am greeted with a blinding flash of white light.

My eyes barley see anything but the blurred, illuminated outlines of food.

Like small edible jewels, waiting to be consumed.

If this were heaven, I would gladly go.

My eyes finally adjust to the light, and I behold the most breathtaking sight;

drawers of food line the inside of you, completed filled.

It seemed to beckon me to take something.

This was too good to be real,

it could only have been a dream.

2 thoughts on “An Ode to My Refrigerator

  1. Poetry Publication Reflection

    Copy and paste this table into your blog post. Respond in complete sentences.

    Which poem type did you publish?

    I did an ode
    Answer the ONE question that goes with your poem type:
    Ode: Why did you choose the subject of your ode?

    I chose a refrigerator because i love food so much, and refrigerators hold the best food. It makes me really happy to arrive home from school and go into my refrigerator and get something to eat. I thought it deserved a praise.
    What is the tone of your poem?

    The tone of my poem is ethereal.
    What is the theme of your poem?

    Refrigerators are filled with the most amazing foods.
    Choose TWO examples of figurative language in the poem.

    Quote the figurative language: You stand like a trophy
    Type of figurative language:
    Explain how this figurative language contributes to tone and theme development: It praises the refrigerator and shows how the writer (me) sees something ordinary and makes it amazing.

    Quote the figurative language:
    Like small edible jewels
    Type of figurative language:
    Explain how this figurative language contributes to tone and theme development: It shows how the bland boring food inside is seen as something much more to the writer,

    What are two specific ways you revised this poem? (Example: “I changed “happy” to “content.”) Why did you make these revisions?

    Revision #1:I changed the word “treasures” to “small edible jewels.”
    Explanation: I did this because it felt more dramatic, more poetry like. I also needed more figurative language in my poem.
    Revision #2: I changed, “Explosion of light” to “blinding flash of white light.”
    Explanation: I changed this because I thought the word “explosion” was too harsh for the poem, it seems even slightly negative. I thought blinding was a little less harsh sounding.
    How easy or difficult was it to write this poem? Why?

    It was pretty easy for me to write, mostly because i truly love my refrigerator and am good at writing silly, dramatic things, other than more serious deep poems.
    How satisfied are you with your final draft? Explain.

    I’m decently satisfied, I feel like this poem is the best I could do. I took a lot of time to revise and edit, and I dont think theres any more I could add.

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