By: Aison Tran


A knight standing over his fallen enemy,

Like a world without limits.


Cheering and clapping,

Gleaming gold and wide grins.


Everything you have worked for comes together,

This is where hard work pays off.


Rising above the rest,

Dominating opponents.


Triumph paves the way for positivity.


  1.  I published an emotion poem.
  2. I chose triumph because as a volleyball player and a swimmer, I know how good it feels to win.
  3. The tone of my poem is victorious.
  4. The theme of my poem is triumph creates postive feelings and confidence.
  5. “Like a world without limits” – This simile shows that you feel boundless when you win. “Dominating opponents” – This personification conveys the feeling of power when you succeed.
  6. I changed “shining” to “gleaming” because it created alliteration and used elevated word choice. I also changed “applause” to “clapping” because I felt that it didn’t flow well.
  7. This poem was easy for me to write. As a volleyball player and a swimmer, I know how it feels to win.
  8. I feel that this final draft is to the best of my ability. The revisions and peer review allowed me to fix weak spots.

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