Running From the scare

By:Abhinav Dinesh

As we walk, the ground beneath blows.

I turn to my left and right… my head hurts as shots fly above me.

I look up to the sky to see a fellow friend in an E-52

I taste thirst as my throat cries for water

I run to a nearby rock next to me

I sit down to take a drink

The cold water trickling down my throat feels very nice and refreshing

I get back up and look around at every one

I know that we are here together to write a wrong that should not have happened

I fight to the end

After many hours of fighting, pain, loss, and dehydration… the war is over

We all arrive to base knowing that we are heros and we celebrate through out the night

Today I know that I am a winner and I also realize that I am a winner that will get to go home

As I arrive home through adversity, pain, and loss I come back to return to the family I love.

In times like these we should all remember to stay strong

Wether we have someone doing something right or a disaster is in the midst we all stay togehter and stay strong



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