Ode to the Pump Shotgun

By: Justin Bailey

Pump Shotgun

Bam, like a punch straight from Thanos

230 damage to the head

You can even wield multiple at once

Like a two headed serpent

You can add it to your inventory from Tilted Towers

You can annihilate all players in Dusty Divot

Like it’s full of no skins

Bloom does not apply to this weapon

As accurate as a calculator

One shot a brick wall and destroy it

Jump from the sky making the horrifying sound of hop rocks

Like an angel flying down

20 elimination games

As easy as pie

Bring cowardice to other players

Like the devil himself

One players versus a team of four

Double pump will conquer all

Like the king of the land

Get the high ground and shoot down on players

Like a soaring eagle from above

Swooping down on the enemy

So they never see it coming

Just like a ninja

Pump shotgun

1. The type of poem that I published was an ode poem.

2. I chose this item to be the subject to be the focus of my ode becuase I play fortnite a lot and I use the pump shotgun every game I play and I know a lot about the pump. I have played about 1,850 games.

3. The tone of my ode is Praise.

4. The theme of this poem is that The pump shotgun is the best gun in Fortnite.

5. “Just like a ninja” This figurative language contributes to the tone and theme development because it tells how the pump is so good and you can come out of nowhere and surprise your enemies.

“As accurate as a calculator” This figurative language contributes to the development of the theme and tone because if the pump is the best gun in the game it has to be very accurate and help out a lot.

6. Revision #1: One revision I made in my poem is to change “fear” to the word “cowardice” so I can elevate my vocabulary.

Revision #2: Another revision I made in my poem was to change the word “eliminate” to “annihilate.”

7: It was very easy to right this poem as Fortnite is one of my favorite games and I play it all the time and I use the pump shotgun in every single game I have played. I have played about 1,800 games.

8: I am very satisfied with my final draft. This is because I know very much about this topic and the poem and description of it just came very easy for me and I felt this poem was a very well written poem.

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