Late night forest trip

I was strolling through the forest

It was late at night and I was lost

The crickets chirping thrugh the night seemed to guide me though the path

The leaves flew in the air like bats

The lights from the houses seemed dimmed like dying lightbulbs

I could not hear much, other than the insects and the breezing wind arond me

As I marched closer to my destination

I could feel my feet sink in the marshy ground

I felt a spider crawl though down my back

I screamed like a girl and rushed through the forest

When I had made it to the streets

I had been both exhausted and pained

At least my house was a street away


Dang Phung

1. Sensory Detail Poem

2.I chose this event because it was vivid in my mind, and seemed to fit the style of poem

3. It was difficult at first, but then easy because finding the topic and describing it took time, but then got easer as I got the hang of it.

4. Tone: Speculative.         Mood: Tense.

5. Theme: Avoid walking through the woods at night

6. A: ” screamed like a girl…” B: Simile. C:Shows that I was scared of the spider A: “leaves flew in the air like bats.” B: Personification C: It gives suspense and gives more meaning to the leaves in the poem

7. I revised my poem by adding more detail and changing the vocab. I did this because at first my poem was dull, and did not seem professional.

8. I am satisfied with my final draft because this shows how much work I had put into, and the effort that came with it.

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