Jelly Winner

The bleachers were packed like an ant hill

As I walked on the court, I could feel their eyes

The feeling of anxiety covered me like a wool blanket

The player walked over to their positions

The ball was thrown in the air like confetti

As the score board went up, we all went down

Time flew by like a seagull on the beach

The fourth quarter was here and we were down

Time froze as the ball touched my hands

I observed the court as a game plan drifted around my head

I slowly dribbled down the court

As the defender reached for the ball

I quickly crossed over like a hawk

I drove down the court as the defenders came at me

I did a quick spin move like Chris Smoove

And filay’d the ball like grape jelly

Adrenaline pumped through me like the ice in my veins

The game winner banked in like the cash at my atm.

Ashish Tammisetti


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