By: Annabelle Brennan

Humor tells you what to do

Why can’t you just be you?

Humor stares at you waiting for you to speak

But sometimes you just can’t make the words leek

Humor gets you through the day

Even when you hit the hay

Humor is always there

Sometimes it’s just best to share

Humor won’t go away

It lets you know It’s here to stay

Humor is as useful as a car

Humor is a shooting star

Humor makes you laugh

Humor is like a delicate craft




1.) The poem type I chose to use was a Emotion poem.

2.) The reason I chose this emotion was because I concsider my self a funny person and I thought that I could write about this easily.

3.) The tone of my poem is demanding.

4.) The theme of my poem is humor is always around us.

5.) “humor tells you what to do” is an example of a personafication. This helps contribute to the tone because it is saying that humor is demanding. “Humor stares at you waiting for you to speak” is personifaction as well and it helps contribute to the the tone the same way as the first example.

6.)  I revised by adding a metaphore because I needed one in my poem and did not have one. I also revised by substituting technology for cars in my simile. I added this because I could not think of anything to rhyme with “technology” and so I thought cars got the same point across

7.) It was very easy to write my poem except for metaphores.

8.) I am very satisfied with my poem because I think it shows my skills as a writer.


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