By: Rana Ghafoor


I was finally there.

My face lit up.

Skies as blue as the ocean.

The sun was smiling.


The subtle wind blew against my skin,

giving me goosebumps.

I saw family and old friends.

Smiles and laughs filled the air.

Memories made and more to come,

when’s your home.






1. I published an emotion poem.

2. I chose a joyful emotion because the background of my poem was a big change in my life that I was as still am happy about.

3. The tone of my poem is cheerful.

4. The theme of my poem is happy about feeling at home.

5. Figurative language I included in my poem:

a. An example of a simile is: “Skies as blue as the ocean”. This contributes top the theme of the poem because it is about being joyful and a good mood ususally comes from good weather (the sky being clear).

b. An exapmle of a personification is : “The sun was smiling”. This is also like the example of the simile – it relates to a good mood because of the good weather.


1) After revising my poem on change I made was that I personified the scenery.

2) Another change I made was to the vocabulary. I replaced some words with more detailed ones.

7. This particular poem was not that difficult for me to write because it is based on something important to me.

8. The poem I wrote is not as great as I was hoping it would be, but compared to other poems I have written, it is not bad.

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