Ode to Jolly Ranchers

By:Naeson Kathir

I unwrap the delicate wrapper

I turn the colorful rock

In my soft ,small hands

Like when you use a fidget toy

I observe the imperfections

Like a cat observing a mouse

I move the intricate candy

Toward my mouth

Like a rocket entering space

Its home

The feeling

It feels like a bright light

Shining upon me

The flavor of one

Can enlighten a person

On how delicate and complicated

A flavor can be

Like a teacher teaching student

Jolly Ranchers is hope

For a wonderful rest of your day

Like the sun rising to the dark, sleeping world

Bringing life and positivity with it.



  1. I published a ode to Jolly Ranchers
  2. I chose to do an ode to Jolly Ranchers cause I have a deep love for Jolly Ranchers and I love to eat them.
  3. The tone of my ode is content.
  4. The theme of my poem is that Jolly Ranchers bring enjoyable flavors and happiness to you.
  5. One piece of figurative language is “Like the sun rising to the dark, sleeping world, bringing life and positivity with it”. This type of figurative language is simily. This piece of language contributes by explaining the magnitude of the feeling when you eat a Jolly Rancher . Another piece of figurative language which is a simile is ” like a rocket entering space” and this is used in the poem to make a conection between a rocket entering space and a Jolly Rancher entering your mouth
  6. I changed ” like a wheel being turned” to ” like when you use a fidget toy because it makes the poem read more smoothly. Another revision I made is that I changed “intrecate” to “intricate” because it is a spelling error.
  7. It was not very difficult to write this poem because I love Jolly Ranchers and it was really easy for me to talk about it.
  8. I am very satisfied with my poem because it sounds like a poem writen by a professional.

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