No More.

By: Jahnavi M.



We march through the sullied streets of our country,

With our glaring and garish signs casting a subtle shadow across the sky.

Gold swords and obsidian daggers held high,

And our heads held higher.

The youth who advocate with passion and fervor,

Who are hurting and hearing, waiting and watching,

Are pushing through, are rising,

Empires evolving.

Our voices are shouting, straining,

Trying to say,

That you may be in control now,

And we may bow,

But soon it will change,

And we will advance forward,

Bringing halcyon days.

So I promise you,

That when the time comes,

Us, the not-so-typical-kids who have ways to go,

All of us,

Will fight for gun control,

Will fight for our safety and security,

Because we have taken too much,

And been beaten up too much,

And hurt, and held, and hid too much.

We are emerging,

And we aren’t standing aside anymore.

If there is one thing I can promise you,

One thing from the deepest parts of my soul,

It’s that all the screams,

And all the cries,

Will slowly diminish,

Will soon be scarce,

Because we aren’t kids anymore,

But merely students of life, like every other human on this Earth.

We are devoted, intelligent, insightful people,

And we’re ready to take our spots in the world,

Our thrones.




1. I wrote an inspired by poem.

2. The source of my inspiration was gun control. I chose this subject because it is a big problem and people are getting hurt. I believe that something needs to be done to change the laws that allow people to use and buy guns that can fire 40 to 50 rounds of bullets at one time.

3. The tone of my poem is promising.

4. The theme of my poem is “coming of age.”


a) “Our voices are shouting, straining…”

b) This quote is personification.

c) The quote contributes to the tone and theme development by emphasizing the fact that the kids are trying to get people to understand what they are trying to say.

a) “Because we aren’t kids anymore, but merely students of life, like every other human on this Earth.”

b) This quote is personification.

c) The quote contributes to the tone development by showing that life changes all the time and that it is promising because you never know what is going to happen. It also contributes to the theme because it shows that we are not kids anymore, but the same as every other person.


1)  I changed dissolve into diminish.

2) I inserted standing aside into a line.

7. I felt like it was very easy to write this poem because I am very passionate about this topic.

8. I am very satisfied with my poem because it shows my feelings on a very important topic that is bound to keep coming up.



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