My First Dub

By: Ethan Ogle


My first dub in Fortnite,

It was epic,

The games leading,

I got eighth, third, and second.


There was sweat on my controller,

Making it slipery,

Trying so hard,

My eyes are really squinty.


I loot all of Greasy Grove,

Got a Scar and RPG,

I see rocks, trees, and buildings,

Grey, brown, and green.


I hear someone running, dun, dun

He has a pump,

Boom, he goes down,

His loot like a dump.


There is only two people left,

I hear my mom calling me,

She sounds like a lion,

I smell the alfredo spaghetti.


I see him building up to me,

I shoot his stairs and he falls,

I rocket launcher his box,

and hes as dead as a doll.

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