I’m Not The Spotlight

By: Catherine Choi

I stumble through the hallway making “click”s as I walk.

My colorful dress flows uncomfortably but that is okay.

When I lift my eyes to make an eye contact with the spectators, I’m nothing but embarrassment and regret.

Surprisingly, they don’t look at me like I’m crazy.

Thankfully, they don’t comment on my look.

Oddly, they don’t laugh at my look that of course, to them, looks ridiculous.

But I see horror in their eyes.

Then soon, but slowly, all the embarrassment and regret is gone.

Only the unrecognizable feeling is left.

I’m like a firefighter, sticky from sweating.

Fiery, fury fire in me, I manage to look at my dress that turned monocolor.

Horror is in my eyes now.

My dress is dripping red.

If only they had warned me, I would still be wearing my beautiful, colorful dress.

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