Entering the HVAC Engineering Field

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My original research paper was an analysis of the greatest problem faced in the HVAC engineering industry. My thesis evolved as I encountered evidence from research suggesting that a separate problem was greater than the last. My new audience is people who are considering entering the HVAC engineering field. I re-purposed my research paper by using the information I found and instead of comparing the greatest problems in the industry I took the main problems in the industry and presented them to hopeful HVAC engineers who are viewing the site.  Rather than comparing which problem is the greatest, I informed of the main problems that new engineers will likely face if they go into the industry. This is so they can get a feel for the field and see if the preview of the problems they may face is something they are willing to encounter. I used this audience because I found it to be a way to smoothly transition my information from my research project but still be different enough to be considered a new audience. I changed my syntax to be more geared towards people who will potentially enter the HVAC engineering industry. I occasionally used the second person to convey this effect.


With blogging coming to a conclusion, I thought it would be good to reflect on my blogging experience. Overall, I’ve had a good experience with blogging and part of me will miss it in the future.  It is a way to express anything you want to your peers and because everyone is scrambling around to get comments, chances are they will read it.  It is nice to have only one requirement being that our posts must exceed 250 words. When I am feeling creative and am typing about something I am passionate about, blogging seems less like an assignment and more like a fulfilling activity.  With all of the rush of school with workloads and deadlines, it is nice to be assigned something that allows you to express yourself.  Sometimes when I am feeling either tired or just not very creative, selecting something to write about can be difficult. Even in these time though, once I start writing it comes very easily.  I feel that blogging has not been just a check the box assignment and that it has sparked meaningful ideas and inspired creativity. One suggestion I have to make the blogging process better if we are to continue some time in the future is that I would prefer if the first two blogs would have topics to write about and one of them be free writing. I believe this would help by narrowing down what to write about so the beginning of the writing is easier. This is just a minor suggestion however, and I have enjoyed my blogging experience.

Social Media

Social media has surrounded us and been intertwined with our generation and others as well.  While social media can be used for many good things, if we are not aware it can often have a negative impact on us.  My biggest problem with social media is that I often find myself checking it too often for no reason other than to avoid things I have to do and waste time. When I become overwhelmed with work, I often force myself to temporarily delete an app so that I can be productive.  Other issues with social media are that it provides a platform for cyber bullying and it may lead some to compare themselves to others in likes, followers and other factors. If you manage your usage of social media however, it can be a great thing.  One way social media is put to good use is that it provides a way to keep up with distant friends and see what is going on in their lives.  Through my Instagram page, I have been able to keep up with family members from all over the country and see pictures of my little cousins.  Social media can also be a means of sharing things that make us smile and laugh. While social media can have a negative impact on mental health as well as being counterproductive, it is the source of many good things as well. So instead of focusing on numbers or wasting too much time checking it, use social media in moderation and enjoy the good aspects of the platform.

World Series frustration

While all the DC fans celebrated their first World Series championship I couldn’t help feeling sad.  While I followed the Nationals and rooted them on through the course of the playoffs, my favorite team is the Houston Astros. And while it was great to see the Nationals organization achieve the highest award in Major League Baseball, this did not eclipse my sorrow watching my team hand the game over in late innings. To be so close and then watch everything slip away was rage inducing. What brought me joy though was seeing the reaction of my 90-year-old grandmother, who has watched the Nationals all season, finish the fight and take game seven. This really emphasized how perspective-based sports are and that there are always winners and losers.  While the Astros played poorly when it mattered most and lost the World Series, I was reminded that with the talent of our roster and management, we will be contenders again when it all starts back up in March.  Ultimately, the 2019 Major League Baseball playoffs were full of some of the best games, plays and players.  Another positive of this years October baseball was that a team won who had never won the World Series before. Personally, I found this much more entertaining than if a dynasty with multiple championships acquired another.  After stepping away from the initial disappointment and anger, I realized that this year of postseason baseball was one of the greatest in my lifetime and will be something I remember for a long time.


By this time in our lives we have all been through enough to be able to say that we can experience nostalgia.  When I am reminded of a kids’ television show that has been deeply buried in my brain or hear a forgotten song it makes me smile.  I know that it is such a cliche to say this but those times used to be so much simpler.  All that mattered was getting the most fun out of every day and spending the most time with your friends.  Looking back is always nice, but focusing on the past is not always beneficial. We, as seniors in high school, still have many more memories to make and experiences to go through. If we constantly look back to the past we can miss appreciating how things are now and someday we will look back fondly on these times wishing we had lived more in the moment.  I think about my 94-year-old grandmother and all the memories she has collected over her near century of living.  She’s lived through many different eras where brand new technologies were being introduced and different wars were being fought.  Nostalgia itself is not a bad thing. I would argue that it is a wonderful thing; however, focusing too much on the past can prevent us from experiencing the present to its fullest. So next time you hear an old band that made music during your elementary years, don’t only think back but think forward to future memories you will make and how you will look back on to current times.

High School Artifact

I brought in a shoe as a representation of my track seasons throughout my high school years. Originally, I only ran track to improve my speed for football, but I ended up enjoying it more. There is a lot of things I could say about track and how it has benefited my life.  To begin, it is an outlet for anger, stress, or whatever is on my mind. When I’ve gone through difficult times in my life, I could always look, forward to practice after school. While it brought physical pain, it also brought emotional healing. One thing I love about track is that it is entirely up to you how good you can be.  You get out what you put in. With football I could go to every camp and training session in the off season, but if the coaches were not recognizing my efforts, it could all be for nothing. Track has also brought me some great friends.  There is something special about suffering through a tough workout, but having your teammates breathing heavy and hunching over right beside you.  We push each other to improve and work hard.  Sometimes, after practices or meets, we would get food. Out favorite places to go were Moe’s and Potbelly.  Sometimes we’d spend over an hour eating, talking and just goofing around.  Going into my final year of track, my goal is to make it to the state meet either individually or in a relay.  It will take lots of hard work and dedication to attain that goal but if qualify it will all be worth it.

The Date

Date. You wrinkly shriveled up enormous raisin. You are the ruiner of smoothies. You are the diet soda of all fruits. Your loathsome features distinguish you from other fruits.  You cannot be eaten whole due to the pit in your center. After close inspection, I notice that your skin is similar to a butterfly cocoon that has hatched and withered. Your off-putting looks have kept me away; yet, some are delighted to consume you nevertheless. Oh, date, you have worsened over time. Not only have you been squashed and flattened like a pancake, your guts have oozed out of your sac-like skin. Your wrinkles have deepened as well as your brown color. Although you are unsightly, I am sure that you taste the same as any other date and are full of nutrients. My dearest date, you are now deteriorating and appear more unappetizing then ever. You are sticky to the touch and deterring to the eye.  I question your edibility and speculate just how desperate I would have to be to force you down my throat and into my stomach.  Initially, I began to believe the more time I’ve spent with you has caused me to despise you, however this is the opposite of the truth.  You have inspired me to imagine and create and while you may not be eaten by a human, your decomposition has benefited many microscopic organisms. All I can say as your time comes to an end is thank you, date for being a simple fruit, for being you.

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