Over the years I’ve had a lot of ideas in my head about possible stories I could write. A few of them I did start putting onto paper, but most of them I never actually got around to writing. Here I am going to share a few of these ideas, and let me know what you think! Maybe I will write/finish them one day.

  1. Seeing Double- In fifth grade, my friend and I started planning this story together but we never truly started. It was about a school that talented young writers went to and lived at. Little did they know, the school had been established in order to protect them, because the “talented” children are actually children with powers- when they write, their stories come to life. There is a whole other ‘fake’ world, in which evil shadow copies of the students live, and their writing unlocks this world, and and evil man wants to take over the world by using the students to reach the shadow copies.
  2. The Silent Garden- This story was about two girls who went on a school field trip and stumbled upon a secret entrance to a hidden garden. In order to leave the garden, they had to find clues in  to figure out their task- which was to save the garden and an old man stuck inside it from a disease. I actually did finish writing this one, and I really liked how the plot turned out. (The description doesn’t do it justice.)
  3. The Missing Flag- I actually wrote a pretty good amount of this story, but the plot was very long and complicated, and I never truly had a plan about how I wanted it to end. The Missing Flag was also about a school for talented kids, though in a slightly more fantasy setting. The school was a safe place for the children to learn and train, and eventually when they were old enough, they would find an evil group called Caracta that was forcing the world to live in terror. However, when they were much younger than the adults anticipated, Caracta made a move, and the four most skilled children had to go on a quest in order to defeat them. The storyline follows their quest, and the secrets they discover along the way.

In one scene of the missing flag, the group has to trek their way up a mountain through feet of snow.

Let me know if I should do a part 2 and share more of my stories!

Picture taken by me, in the woods behind my house.