The next chapter to The Outside-


Chapter 3:

Test (Part 1)

The night air was cool, the stars shining brightly above him. Few flyers were on the road at the late hour, passing him with a whoosh. He looked both ways before crossing the air-lane. A cold gust of wind made him stagger. The city was much harsher at night. Seth sprinted down the narrow alleyway and took a left. It led to an old, abandoned back road. A few 21st century broken down pick up trucks were scattered around. He carefully sought his way through the obstacles. Seth was trying not to be seen.

Finally, he reached a winging fence around the large, empty meadow. He jumped the fence with skill and sprinted to the looming rock. It casted eerie shadow that looked like they would jump to life. Seth checked his watch. It read 11:29.

He squeezed himself in between the two rocks. Seth had to take his backpack off to fit through the cramped passage. Soon, he emerged into the cave. The minutes were long as he waited for Taylor. He hadn’t had time to think about what they were about to do until now. Was it smart? Or were they walking into a death trap? Seth pondered on the thought. Should even be taking Taylor? He didn’t want to endanger her.

Suddenly, she entered the cave, breaking his train of thoughts. “Sorry,” she gasped breathlessly. “I didn’t want to get caught. I had to wait for Amanda to go to bed.”

“It’s fine,” Seth assured her. “Taylor, I’ve been thinking. I’m not so sure if we should go. It could be a trick. We could get hurt. Maybe I should go alone.”

“That’s crazy!” Taylor cried, “No way you are going alone. Yes, it might be dangerous, but if he comes creeping into your house, that’ll be even more dangerous. Plus, remember? We’re a team,” she reminded him.

“I guess that makes sense…”

“Okay, 100 foot rope?”




“Okay,” Taylor said after she had finished reading off their supply list, “I think we’re good.”

“We should probably leave now,” Seth suggested.

“Yeah,” agreed Taylor. She shivered. “I hope it goes well.”

“Same.” Then he added, “ladies first.”

Taylor sighed, then began to crawl through the rocks. Seth heard a small gasp. Then Taylor came back. “Uh, Seth-”

A low growl sounded from the side of the cave. Seth and Taylor turned to face it, then locked gazes. Uh oh.

That’s it for now! I don’t want it to get too long, so I will post the rest of the chapter next time!

Picture: Madikeri, India, 2017 (taken by me)

Update: I also really enjoy traveling and taking pictures, so most of the pictures on my posts from now on will probably be taken by me and might be unrelated to the post, just a picture that I liked.