Even though Halloween already passed a few days ago, I wanted to get the chance to write at least one spooky, darker story. I’m still trying to get back into the flow of writing, so I wrote it as a poem. For this one, I focused mainly on imagery and descriptiveness rather than plot. It’s not really scary, more just thought-provoking. I kind of went by ear on this, and just wrote whatever came to my mind. This is a work in progress thing for me, so hopefully it’s somewhat enjoyable to read:)

Malevolent ForestRelated image

Twisted gnarled trees

Hunched over like old crones

Animals hidden from sight and from sound

But with a looming presence

These woods have a spirit

Or so they say

A malevolent wind gusts through

And everything bends to its will

But for a child

Tiny as a doll

Stronger than a raging river

There is a lightness to the way she marches

And where she goes

Trees straighten, grow younger

Animals come back to life

The rotting path seems to become more visible

Under the pervading shrub

Which is strange because

Her hands are brittle

Lips blue

Her soul has almost left her body

She is searching for something

Which is hidden

In the deepest, darkest

Part of the woods

The heart

A witch’s hut, they say

She will eat you

Or make you a part of the forest

Something sinister and bitter

But no one has come back

To say for sure

The girl continues to walk

The small bit of sunlight

That the trees allow

Fades away to dusk


She can feel it

The heart of the woods

The trees crowd down around her

Their branches reaching to take her in their grasp

But she darts away

A fleeting flame

She approaches a shadowy waterfall

Crosses through the curtain of water

Into a damp cavern

She can’t see the top of it

And trees are even growing in here

It seems enchanting somehow

Like another world

She knows who is here

It is not a witch

It is not a person

It is a reflection

Of life

It haunts everyone, everything

A purple, dark, light

Without a source

Her shadow is elongated, strange

It seems to be moving without her

It is her

And it is not her

Where is the soul-stealer?

The child is dead

Trying to find her way back

To the world of the living

“You already know the way”

He says

She closes her eyes

A breath escapes through her lips

She is no longer in the forest

It is October 31

Somewhere in the world

Another little girl

Will never wake up


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