10 Random Songs That Came To My Head

The following ten songs on my playlist are completely random songs that come to my head. I may or may not listen to these songs and at least 2 of these are censored based on the school censor system on YouTube. Most of you probably haven’t heard most of these songs so I will enlighten you with my impeccable music taste.

“Joyriding”-  Frnkiero andthe Cellabration
“5th Period Massacre”- LeATHERMØUTH
“Bodysnatchers 4 Ever”- LeATHERMØUTH
“Single Ladies”- Beyonce (I’m too lazy to find the e with the tic)
“Baby Shark”- Pinkfong
“I am the Walrus”- The Beatles
“Come on, Eileen”- Dexy’s Midnight Runners
“Taco Bell Saga”- Tyler Joseph
“Hare Krishna”- George Harrison (And the Beatles)
“Crackerbox Palace”- George Harrison

Well, there are many different genres that contain songs that appeal to me but I may not like the genre as a whole. Take “Baby Shark” for example. It’s obviously a pretty different song from the rest, but it’s a masterpiece. I may like LeATHERMØUTH but I do not like the Hardcore genre, even though the band itself is pretty darn hardcore. I like Death Spells, but I do not like Hardcore or Electronic Punk. These songs, again were just random songs, and I realized that I hate the song “Single Ladies”.

Most music I listen to is Punk/Rock/Alternative since I’m really not into the Rap/Hip-hop music that is apparently popular now. Popular music can evolve through the years, but I guess what was popular then isn’t popular now, as the situation with the beloved Elvis Presley or The Beatles.
Of course, the average music taste has evolved through decades of technological advancements that lead to better recording and instrumentals. Once very hard-to-complete processes can be done within minutes. With new artists appearing in all different genres, music taste can spread in all different directions. Anyone can become a musician; it’s not just the select few that happen to have guitars and drums, but anyone in the world can pick up an instrument and start learning. Anyone in the world can become a musician, but you may not be of much talent.

From the famous quote, “Anyone Can Cook”, and the title of a book in the Disney movie Ratatouille, anyone can cook, just like anyone can become a musician. You may be fond of the culinary arts or the art of playing instruments, but you may not play well.

Even though you may not play well, there are people everywhere that might still enjoy the music. Take The Shaggs, known as probably one of the worst if not the worst band in the history of music. Their album Philosophy Of The World was only turned into 1000 copies, 900 of which were destroyed by the production company due to it being so horrible. A copy was found and played on a radio station, and they gained popularity and a cult following. The famous Kurt Cobain has called it his 5th favorite album.

Bad music can become good, and good music can become bad which is why music taste evolves so quickly. More genres and more music in those genres becomes posted on social media and now that anyone can become a musician, anyone can find that piece of music and become a fan.

I can’t explain how music can affect the brain, how different genres bring certain emotions, and how songs that when played through headphones are just mere vibrations can trigger such reactions of happiness or sadness. Music to me is such a complex topic that when just talking about it can cause me to go off on a tangent on everything related to music; Music Theory, key changes, the change in measures, tuning, how fast or slow a song goes and rhythms that please the brain or rhythms that cause distress.

I don’t know what this project is really for, and if you explained I probably wouldn’t listen since my brain is clouded with the images of chords, and the fact that I can’t read sheet music.

As a conclusion, I don’t know exactly what to say except that music is everywhere and extremely complicated that I can’t explain it.

The end, I guess.

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