November 27

Out of Sorts

I apologize for not creating a new post in over a month, but things have been crazy.  Some good, some bad.  I was out of the building for two half days at end of October for my first Loudoun Creates Coaching Academy classes where I learned some cool things to try on our iPads, but then I rushed away to New York for several days to say goodbye to my grandma before she passed.  My first day back was our IFT meeting, so I hadn’t even been into my school yet.  Then came our Veteran’s day assembly, AEW week, planning for Hour of Code, and Thanksgiving, which meant another trip to New York to be with my grandpa.  Oh, and for a few of those weeks, both my two year old and my four year old had croup while I had laryngitis!

We’re all finally feeling better and I’ve been catching up on planning and creating with my teachers and students.  I tried out the time-lapse tool on the iPad during our Book Character Parade, and combined it with video footage of our entire school dancing to Thriller to air on the morning news show.  It was a hit!  Some of my fourth graders designed and 3-D printed Native American housing for their model villages.  Next up, I wanted to make a scavenger hunt using the Keynote Bingo we played at my Apple training.  I created one for fifth grade and one for third grade, and can’t wait to test one out with students tomorrow.  I will update you on how it goes.  Now I’m off to another class to introduce Sphero robots to some fifth graders!

October 11

IFT Blog -My Why

Why am I blogging?  Because I’m being required to.  Why else?  Because sometimes talking it out helps me solve problems, generate ideas, and ask new questions.

I have always been a reluctant writer, (and reader for that matter), and continue to need that extra push to do so.  Don’t get me wrong, I have thoughts and ideas, some that are even worth sharing, but I prefer talking them out with someone.  This blog will be a bit of an experiment -a new tool for me to talk through and reflect on my own ideas, challenges, and questions.  New can be scary, and this is definitely outside my comfort zone, but hey, that’s where the magic happens, right?

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