You Get Lost

Well if you got lost then you probably messed up somewhere along the way.  The only time it’s ok to be lost is when it’s in the sauce.  Then its all good.  If your going anywhere you should know your way around.  Google maps can’t help you all the time especially when you don’t have service.  So you might need to have a map with you and you need to know how to use it.  If you have a map and don’t know how to use it its pretty useless (obviously).  If you walk away from the path your on or get stranded don’t start walking around cause then you’ll get even more lost.  And it’s not in the sauce so it’s not all good. You should stay put and if you can’t call for help then try your best to retrace your steps.  You should have also let people know where you are going so if you do end up getting lost people can come and find you.  If you keep walking around you could go from lost to very lost.  Bottom line just don’t get lost in the first place.


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