You See a Bird of Paradise

Birds of Paradise are interesting creatures. They have very unique mating calls and rituals. The birds of paradise are known to have especially strange mating dances.  They puff out their feathers in an attempt to impress a mate and look very cool doing it.  Other animals have unique yells like turtles when they are mating.  Turtles yells are very unusual and they make strange gasping noises.  The birds of paradise especially are unique because they do different dances.  They make themselves seem a lot bigger like in the picture below.  The males are usually in striking colors and are more vibrant.  The females just sit and watch and see if the guy is worth their time.  Many animals have certain seasons where they like to reproduce. Humans are the only ones that don’t seem to really have one.  Different animals have different mating calls or dances to attract mates.  Some just yell or bellow and others do weird dances like the birds of paradise.


Birds of Paradise

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