You See Two Chipmunks Squaring Off

You are walking home from work and you see two chipmunks.  One you name Chubby the other you name Chunky. Chubby and Chunky are brothers, and they are both pretty skinny. Chubby called Chunky fat and this got Chunky mad.  Then Chunky told Chubby that he could fit a lot of acorns in his mouth.  This led to more arguing and finally a full on fight. Like any normal bored person watching two chipmunks fight, you start to commentate in your head and start recording.

Chunky is out quick and lunges for Chubby. A swift right kick from Chubby sends Chunky flying. Chunky puts his arm around Chubby in a headlock and they both fall to the ground. They both get up again and are back at it.  They are grappling and grasping each other.  This continues for the next minute.  It was like the Mayweather and Mcgregor of chipmunks. This continues until chunky gives up and runs off.  It was a good fight 10/10.  Chubby tells Chubby to go nut off and scurries off to his chipmunk home.


This is a chipmunk fight similar to the one I recorded.

I do not claim ownership of this and I couldn’t copy the url over either so I just have the video

A Chipmunk Tries To Take Your Nuts

You just had your nuts stolen by a chipmunk. Sucks to suck. What went wrong to have this occur? First of all, you should’ve kept them hidden where a chipmunk couldn’t see them and secondly, you should’ve kept them someplace safe where they couldn’t reach them. Don’t let chipmunks take your nuts, make sure they’re well protected. Guard them like you’re protecting your future kids. You should be especially wary in the fall, because they don’t discriminate. Big nuts, small nuts, brown nuts, black nuts, hard nuts, soft nuts, peanuts, walnuts, anything they can get their hands on. Protect your nuts at all costs.

Chipmunk’s in the fall are preparing for hibernation and they are trying to get fat for winter. (Kind of like Americans, for us winter is the whole year). Always make sure to watch your nuts at all times and keep them locked away. Chipmunks can take nuts in big loads too, so if you have a big stash, make sure to be extra careful.  The average chipmunk can fit up to 6 acorns in it’s mouth at one time. That’s about 1/4 of their body weight. That’s quite a feat in my opinion. I recommend either not eating nuts, or just being very, very careful with them. Don’t let chipmunk’s get near your nuts and you should be fine.


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