You Run into a Snake

Your walking and all of a sudden you see a snake just sitting there right in your way.  This thing looks like an anaconda.  It’s like 20 feet long and big and green and scary.  Your first instinct is to run but you don’t want to alarm it.  You start to back up slowly cause that’s what you’ve been told to do.  Then as soon as your about 20 feet away you start bolting away from it.  You start to run but you aren’t very fast and this thing starts to chase after you. Then you turn it into overdrive, you sprint like your psycho ex is after you but still it’s not enough.  You look back and its gaining on you.  You run for what seems like forever and you look back and its still there nipping at your heels. Your screaming your head off yelling at people to help you. Meanwhile you run by a group of people and they don’t even bother to help you they are too busy just sitting there laughing at you.


There’s your big scary anaconda:

Image result for small garter snake