Largest living thing

The largest living organism (Armillaria ostoyae) covers around 2,385 acres and produces honey mushrooms. It’s not a dinosaur, whale, or giant deep-sea creature its a fungus. Its an underground fungus that most people wouldn’t notice even if it was right beneath their feet. The fungus, Armillaria ostoyae, covers more than 3.4 square miles its around 8.8 square kilometers.  It resides in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest and is more than 2,400 years old. It exists as a network of inter joined underground fungus filaments. Every fall its flowers/mushrooms/whatever they’re called rise above the surface in the form of edible honey mushrooms.  The most impressive part is the slow growth of just 1 meter per year.

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How many continents really are there

Believe it or not there are actually 8 continents on planet earth.  There is North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, and Zealandia.  You might not have heard about Zealandia before because that’s because it wasn’t discovered until very recently.  Zealandia is mostly underwater.  It consists of New Zealand and part of the pacific Island chain.  It was hiding in plain sight the whole time.  This continent is right next to Australia and it meets all the criteria of being a continent.  1) elevation, 2) crustal structure, 3) geology and 4) total area and structure limits.  Zealandia has all of these.  Most people only think of continents as huge land masses above the water but perspective is important and a new continent has been hidden there the whole time.


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You see a skunk

Don’t approach it because then you’ll stink.  It’s pretty much common sense.  Leave it alone and it will leave you alone otherwise you’ll reek for days. Many people say that you can take a bath in tomato juice.  This works cause otherwise you’ll stink a lot.  They are native to north and south america.  They are recognized by their white and black stripes.  They were formerly known as stink weasels cause they really stink.  Not all skunks are white and black however.  There are many that are cream colored and brown.  If you see one try to avoid it all costs cause you’ll stink for weeks after if they spray you.


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Smallest Organism

Viruses are the smallest organism.  There are many living organisms that are very small but non-living organisms are a lot smaller. Alot of biologists consider viruses to be non-living because they lack a cellular structure and cannot metabolize by themselves.  They need a host cell to replicate and survive. Because viruses  have genetic material and can literally eat their host, they are considered organisms. The smallest viruses in terms of genome size are single-stranded DNA viruses. The most famous one has 5386 nucleotides. However, some viruses can be even smaller.  Some can be even as small as 2000 nucleotides.



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You see a mountain

Climbing mountains is tough.  You start at the bottom of a mountain to a cliff and you have to climb to the top. Some climbs are steep others are not but you always have to go up to get to the top.  Many people like to hike and climb mountains but the king of them all is Mt. Everest.  Mt Everest is the tallest mountain in the world standing at just over 29,000 ft. Many people climb Mt. Everest every year but it is quite dangerous too.  Only 4000 people have made it to the top but 300 people have died along the way.  The ratio of people have made it to the top versus people that have died trying is 13:1.  It’s no joke.  Many people plan for this their whole lives and many people get turned back as well.  When you reach the top you’re so high you can see the curvature of the earth


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You see a shark

Sharks are the apex predators in our oceans and our often considered the “top dogs” in the worlds oceans.  There have only been 80 shark attacks this past year with only 6 being fatal.  They often attack if they are being provoked or you look like a turtle.  Sharks like other carnivores are very useful to the ecosystem keeping game populations down as well as maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Tips to avoid being bitten:

  1. Swim in a large group
  2. Don’t go too far away from shore
  3. Don’t swim at night, dawn, or dusk
  4. Don’t enter the water if you have a cut
  5. Don’t swim in murky water
  6. Do not try to feed sharks



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You find a rock

You see a rock.  It’s a really good looking rock.  You want to keep it.  But there’s a sign that says no picking up rocks.  But you really want that rock.  You can’t decide what to do.  It says you can’t pick it up but you want it.  You end up picking up the rock and hide it in your pocket.  You walk away from the sign with the rock.

You keep looking around to see if anyone noticed it.  No one did.  You calmly walk out of the building.  You make it out of the building without running into anyone.  Your friend is waiting at the gate for you and you get in the car.  Suddenly a cop comes up to you and ask if you stole any rocks from the museum.  You say you didn’t steal anything (because you didn’t steal it you’re just borrowing it).  The cop doesn’t believe you and asks you to empty your pockets.  In your right one you take out the rock that you stole it is big and shiny and clear.


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You see a Giant Sequoia

You wonder how a tree could get so big.  Giant Sequoias are the biggest trees on earth.  The biggest tree on earth is a Giant Sequoia and it’s name is General Sherman and it is 2000 years old.  Giant Sequoias can grow to be over 3200 years old though.  They are found in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.  They require certain living conditions with a strict temperature range under 85 degrees, elevation of 5,000 to 7,000 feet in elevation, and a relatively moderate climate.  The largest Giant Sequoia ever has a volume of 52,508 cubic feet.  Giant Sequoias can have arms that exceed over 8 feet in diameter, and their bark can be up to 3 feet thick.  They are a very sturdy tree and are fireproof, rot proof, insect proof and are a very sturdy hardy tree.  One Giant Sequoia, the president, has over 2 billion leaves, is 3220 years old, and is the 3rd largest tree volume wise.  The Giant Sequoias wood however is relatively brittle and not very good for building things.  The Sequoia’s reproduce by cones with seeds inside them that are opened up by a forest fire.


Guy standing next to a Giant Sequoia

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You Run into a Snake

Your walking and all of a sudden you see a snake just sitting there right in your way.  This thing looks like an anaconda.  It’s like 20 feet long and big and green and scary.  Your first instinct is to run but you don’t want to alarm it.  You start to back up slowly cause that’s what you’ve been told to do.  Then as soon as your about 20 feet away you start bolting away from it.  You start to run but you aren’t very fast and this thing starts to chase after you. Then you turn it into overdrive, you sprint like your psycho ex is after you but still it’s not enough.  You look back and its gaining on you.  You run for what seems like forever and you look back and its still there nipping at your heels. Your screaming your head off yelling at people to help you. Meanwhile you run by a group of people and they don’t even bother to help you they are too busy just sitting there laughing at you.


There’s your big scary anaconda:

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You Get Poison Ivy

If it has three leaves let it be. Most of us have run into it at one time or another and it sucks. Just a little swipe from a leaf can make you miserable.  Once it gets one place and you start to itch it, it spreads rapidly.  From your face to your toes to your legs to your everywhere it doesn’t discriminate.  If you are allergic it makes it even worse.  The oils from the leaves are what causes the itches and the scratching.  Some people can experience blisters as well as increased bloating of their arms or any part it comes in contact with.  You really got to be careful what you scratch cause some places are a LOT more sensitive than others and can be a lot more painful (I think you know what I mean).  If you get it try your best not to itch it, you can use ointments, you should shower and you can put rubbing alcohol on it to counteract the oils.


Below is an image of poison ivy and what happens when you get it on your face:

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