You find a rock

You see a rock.  It’s a really good looking rock.  You want to keep it.  But there’s a sign that says no picking up rocks.  But you really want that rock.  You can’t decide what to do.  It says you can’t pick it up but you want it.  You end up picking up the rock and hide it in your pocket.  You walk away from the sign with the rock.

You keep looking around to see if anyone noticed it.  No one did.  You calmly walk out of the building.  You make it out of the building without running into anyone.  Your friend is waiting at the gate for you and you get in the car.  Suddenly a cop comes up to you and ask if you stole any rocks from the museum.  You say you didn’t steal anything (because you didn’t steal it you’re just borrowing it).  The cop doesn’t believe you and asks you to empty your pockets.  In your right one you take out the rock that you stole it is big and shiny and clear.


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