You Run into a Snake

Your walking and all of a sudden you see a snake just sitting there right in your way.  This thing looks like an anaconda.  It’s like 20 feet long and big and green and scary.  Your first instinct is to run but you don’t want to alarm it.  You start to back up slowly cause that’s what you’ve been told to do.  Then as soon as your about 20 feet away you start bolting away from it.  You start to run but you aren’t very fast and this thing starts to chase after you. Then you turn it into overdrive, you sprint like your psycho ex is after you but still it’s not enough.  You look back and its gaining on you.  You run for what seems like forever and you look back and its still there nipping at your heels. Your screaming your head off yelling at people to help you. Meanwhile you run by a group of people and they don’t even bother to help you they are too busy just sitting there laughing at you.


There’s your big scary anaconda:

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You Get Poison Ivy

If it has three leaves let it be. Most of us have run into it at one time or another and it sucks. Just a little swipe from a leaf can make you miserable.  Once it gets one place and you start to itch it, it spreads rapidly.  From your face to your toes to your legs to your everywhere it doesn’t discriminate.  If you are allergic it makes it even worse.  The oils from the leaves are what causes the itches and the scratching.  Some people can experience blisters as well as increased bloating of their arms or any part it comes in contact with.  You really got to be careful what you scratch cause some places are a LOT more sensitive than others and can be a lot more painful (I think you know what I mean).  If you get it try your best not to itch it, you can use ointments, you should shower and you can put rubbing alcohol on it to counteract the oils.


Below is an image of poison ivy and what happens when you get it on your face:

Image result for poison ivy funny Image result for poison ivy



You Get Lost

Well if you got lost then you probably messed up somewhere along the way.  The only time it’s ok to be lost is when it’s in the sauce.  Then its all good.  If your going anywhere you should know your way around.  Google maps can’t help you all the time especially when you don’t have service.  So you might need to have a map with you and you need to know how to use it.  If you have a map and don’t know how to use it its pretty useless (obviously).  If you walk away from the path your on or get stranded don’t start walking around cause then you’ll get even more lost.  And it’s not in the sauce so it’s not all good. You should stay put and if you can’t call for help then try your best to retrace your steps.  You should have also let people know where you are going so if you do end up getting lost people can come and find you.  If you keep walking around you could go from lost to very lost.  Bottom line just don’t get lost in the first place.


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You See a Bird of Paradise

Birds of Paradise are interesting creatures. They have very unique mating calls and rituals. The birds of paradise are known to have especially strange mating dances.  They puff out their feathers in an attempt to impress a mate and look very cool doing it.  Other animals have unique yells like turtles when they are mating.  Turtles yells are very unusual and they make strange gasping noises.  The birds of paradise especially are unique because they do different dances.  They make themselves seem a lot bigger like in the picture below.  The males are usually in striking colors and are more vibrant.  The females just sit and watch and see if the guy is worth their time.  Many animals have certain seasons where they like to reproduce. Humans are the only ones that don’t seem to really have one.  Different animals have different mating calls or dances to attract mates.  Some just yell or bellow and others do weird dances like the birds of paradise.


Birds of Paradise

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