I was recently forced to watch Gotham and give it a second chance.  I always thought the idea of the show was cool but I remembered when it first released the first few episodes didn’t pull me in enough so I never watched it.  But, a friend reassured me recently that after the first couple episodes the show starts to pick up speed and gets much better overall after the first season.  I’ve only gotten up to about episode 17 so far but it wasn’t as bad as I remember.  It’s cool to see all the big batman villains in a new light especially penguin who is on his journey to become a mob boss of his own.  Also seeing the things young Bruce Wayne does as well as the other two young characters Ivy who is Poison Ivy and Selina who Catwoman.  The further I get into the show as well the more I want to know what turn the show is going to take next.  Is it going to introduce another one of Batman’s villains or just be the Token do-gooder and main character of the show Jim Gordon struggling to keep himself in the light while trying to take down the dark and corrupt.  Even if you don’t enjoy shows set in comic universes this is still very enjoyable,  but watching it as someone who enjoys comic related media was especially fun seeing all the easter eggs.  I recommend everyone to at least give this show a shot it may be a bit grueling to get through the first couple episodes as it seems like nothing happens it definitely gets better.

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Borderlands 3 Announced

So Borderlands 3 was announced and had a trailer released at Pax East 2019 during the Gearbox conference which was also live streamed.  For a long time it was assumed that the Borderlands series was discontinued and gearbox had actually cancelled plans to make a 3rd installment to the series because no one had heard anything about a sequel even multiple years after the release of Borderlands 2 which was in 2012.  Also Borderlands 2 is still doing decently as a game with fans continuing to play because it is now just an old classic and said to be one of the best looter-shooter games of all time which attracts new people to try it out at least once and they usually end up falling in love with it because of how fun the game play is and how entertaining and immersive the story and whole world is.  When I am writing this Borderlands 3 has just been released so we don’t have too much information to go off of.  However when I post that it may be different but in the trailer at least there were many familiar faces to the Borderlands series and and fans of the Borderlands series and it boasted a selection of 1 billion guns to collect and use.  I am pretty excited for the new Borderlands because it was so unexpected because I had given up on the idea of a third installment to Borderlands and even if there isn’t much more the game has to offer compared to Borderlands 2 as in new features i’d still be happy playing it.

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New Joker Trailer

This is different then what I usually blog about but I really wanted to talk about it.  Overall I think this Joker can be really good I don’t think it will be a disappointment like some other DC movies.  For one Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor and from small parts of the trailer like when he does the signature joker laugh and when he is dancing, I really see the potential for what a great joker he can be.  Also I think its cool cause unlike other comic based movies that are usually action packed with effects and fight scenes this movie seems to just be the audience following the Joker as he descends into madness which to me is very appealing.  The one think I think is a bit interesting is that Bruce Wayne is a little boy in the trailer and Bruce’s parents are still alive this means that this joker is not the one Batman would fight in the DC Cinematic Universe.  The Joker that the Batman most likely would fight is Jared Leto the Joker from the Suicide Squad which personally I liked the idea behind a new type of Joker but thought it was executed very badly, I’m assuming that Jared Leto’s Joker who seems to be more of a mob boss than a criminally insane murderer who did not play well with others was inspired by Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in the past of DC’s movie universe.  I am interested though in what Joker will do because I think at least that the first half will be Joaquin’s Joker descending into madness and the second part being the Joker getting revenge against the city that has tormented him so much. So what Joker will do to get his revenge is intriguing to me as well as who will stop him and how that is if anyone does.  Personally as well I would rather watch the new Joker Movie than Avengers Endgame, because the world has known about infinity war and its second part for years now and waiting a couple more weeks is nothing to me but since I just learned about this Joker movie recently and can’t stop watching the trailer, I remember hearing Jared Leto’s Joker would be getting a standalone movie but I really wasn’t all that excited for it but knowing now that is not the case I would definitely rather watch The Joker movie right now.


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Gmod Rp Story

So last weekend I was bored and a couple friends and I jumped onto Gmod to mess around.  We stumbled onto a Hogwarts Rp server to just meme around and this is what happened.  This happened within like 30-35 mins and I didn’t know what else to write.

When I first joined the server I named myself “Muy Malo Malfoy” just as a random joke and immediately after entering the school and getting sorted by the sorting hat (got Hufflepuff btw can I get an F) I was interrogated by admins of the server because I had a name that related to the books because it was referring to the Malfoy Family.  They told me to change it but I didn’t know how because it was my first time on the server and I kept telling them this and they kept getting more angry and I got a 12 hour ban.  But, thankfully my friends went and found another admin and told them what happened.  So I got unbanned and rejoined and was given the name Gary Promotiono (this is important later on).

First thing me and my friends decided to do was explore.  We walked around and we found a bridge that takes you to Hagrid’s hut and the Dark Forest.  When we started to go across the bridge though there was a lock down at Hogwarts and if you weren’t back in time and you are caught out and about it is a small ban (they have some really strict admins but some also don’t really care).  Me and my friends decide whatever lets just not get caught cause we wouldn’t know how to get to our house rooms anyways.  We make it halfway across the bridge and Hagrid shows up and tells us to go back to the school so we head back but I hide around a corner and when Hagrid passes by me I run across the bridge to his hut.

When I reached his hut there were 2 other guys walking around I assume they are also running around when they shouldn’t be out it turns out they are snatchers and they kidnap me with handcuffs and they drag me into the dark forest.  Normally you aren’t allowed to go into there or you get a certain time ban as well but since I was getting kidnapped I didn’t have a choice.  They took me to a graveyard and put me up for sale, at first they put me up for around 25,000 Galleons but when I said that made me feel special they dropped it to 10,000.  My friends said they couldn’t come get me cause there were other snatchers in the dark forest and we didn’t know any spells cause we just joined the server and they didn’t have the funds to release me.  But, remember when I said remember the name I was given Garry Promotiono well apparently there are families in the Rp and the head of the Promotiono family was on and he came and bought me and let me free.  I thought the snatchers would get mad but they didn’t and I realized it was because in the end they still got 10,000 Galleons.

I did some other stuff too that day but that was probably the most interesting thing that happened also it was my first experience on the server.  Other than that I just went around did what you are supposed to do which is to go to classes and collect homework to get experience so you can become a second year and learn spells in class.

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State of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

(I would put a pic of someone using hacks but it has guns and stuff that are kinda realistic so enjoy this sponge bob pic instead)

So I don’t really play a lot of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and when I do I just meme around and i’m no expert.  My competitive rank is Gold Nova 4 in CS:GO so pretty average.  But, I know ever since CS:GO went free there has been a spike in cheaters and the community is not all too happy about.  Now I understand why CS:GO went free to play and added a battle royale cause they were trying to get more new players by riding the wave of battle royales.  Even though CS:GO has a very loyal community and is still has one of the biggest Esports scenes it doesn’t get many new players, it’s pretty obvious.  But they should have realized that with making the game free people were just gonna cheat so much more, because people would just make new steam accounts and play the game and if they get banned just make a new one.  They tried to counteract this by implementing a Prime System in which you only play with other people that also have Prime.  To get prime you have to either achieve a certain level (which my main account is barely past), have bought the game previously, or buy Prime.  But again this isn’t the smartest thing cause the whole point of this is too get a new generation and a new audience to try CS:GO but when they decide to try it out cause it’s free and they play a game for the first time and everyone is cheating that kind of deters them from playing anymore and ruins the point, and even if they like the game they pretty much still have to spend money to play because playing without Prime the game is even worse.  It’s like their whole point was to get more people but all the new people are being scared away by hackers.  I had played against a few hackers before just because unless you are kind of new and a bit of a dummy you probably won’t get banned for hacking in CS:GO even if you are cheating with a prime account cause most people won’t think you aren’t hacking if it isn’t blatant because of the false sense of security prime gives.  I never thought it was that bad because well in my experience most hackers wouldn’t be using everything they can and if they did everything as scaled down so they don’t get banned.

So a while back I wanted to see what the game would be like to new players so I made a new steam account got some hacks from a forum website for hackers and got some fairly new and not as public hacks so I knew it wouldn’t be detected by the in game hack detection system called VAC (which is practically useless).  I only used wall hacks just to see if anyone else was cheating but turns out I didn’t even need that is was so obvious who was hacking.  Most of the games just ended up being a coin toss between which team had higher quality hacks and who had more hackers.  The thing that was most annoying is something that I’ve been told is called spinbotting which I had never personally experienced before this.  It is where you set your aimbot to its max and increase the range of its detection and then put your sensitivity up and just run around jumping in circles trying to make it impossible to hit you while also instantly killing anyone the second they peek to shoot.  I had never experienced anything close to this because for one in kill cams it is very easy to see who has hacks if their aimbot is too sensitive because the cross hair will move irregularly also people who have aimbots usually make it so the aimbot can only detect enemies on their crosshair not their entire screen because if multiple people come at you may try to shoot one person but your aimbot won’t kill them and move to another person instead, also the spinning is very obvious and would get you banned very quick in a Prime match.  However in a game with people that only have free accounts the game doesn’t care, I’ve seen people that use hacks that give a link to the website to download the hacks they have every time they get a kill or die and they don’t get banned.

Pretty much the hackers make the game unplayable if you don’t have Prime and even with Prime its still likely you will encounter someone who at least has wall hacks every game or two.  I understand where the team behind CS:GO were thinking with this idea to make it free, add battle royale, and make a prime system.  But, I think it was poorly executed and they should have spent more time refining it because no it is going to be very difficult if they want to fix the current state of the game.


Nvidia Geforce Now Review

So last weekend I was finally accepted into the closed beta testing for Nvidia’s Geforce Now.  Geforce Now is a service that allows you to play games on good settings with high fps even if you have a bad computer or if you have a mac and you want to have a good gaming experience.  It does take a while to be accepted I sent in my request at the beginning of last November and was just accepted last weekend. I have tested a good amount of games (Overwatch, Destiny 2, Rust, Batman Arkham Knight, Fortnite, CS:GO) so I have a pretty good idea of how it works.  How it works is that it plays your games from a server center that Nvidia has setup.  So the game actually isn’t running on your computer but it is running on Nvidia’s server and it streams what that server is playing to your computer.  This is still a fairly new thing but as long as you have a good WiFi or Ethernet connection at home it is very playable especially if you aren’t having a good pc gaming experience at home.

Image result for Nvidia Geforce NowWhen I compared the streaming service to just my normal PC running it the main thing I noticed for most games was screen tear.  So if I would try to flick my mouse or move it quickly the screen would lag behind for a bit and then catch-up right after I would finish the flick.  That really was the only problem I had.  My WiFi at home was above the recommended stats for things like bit rate and ping but the problem was that it was a 2.5 GHz connection not a 5 GHz which is recommended.  The difference between a 2.4 GHz connection and a 5 GHz connection is that a 2.4 GHz connection provides a stronger connection over a larger amount of area and it isn’t as disrupted when going through walls and floors.  But, overall a 5 GHz connection is stronger but only if you are close to it and not too far away.  Also that the preset settings of how you want the game play streamed to your PC bottle-necked your bit rate.

If you do sign up for the program and get accepted it is a great program and is still in beta so it is always going to be getting updates and getting improved.  If you have a 2.4 GHz connection then I suggest trying to use an Ethernet cable but one that doesn’t bottleneck your connection so you don’t only get a fraction of what you should be getting from your router and get everything you can.  Or try to play mostly single-player or PvE games because when playing PvP it takes a lot more resources so it can mess up the experience a bit.  Another thing I recommend is to make custom settings of how you want the game to be streamed to your PC.  Don’t be really extravagant if you don’t need to 1280x720p and 60 fps was pretty smooth also max out the bit rate it can use for a better experience.


Dragon Ball Legends

Today i’m gonna talk about another mobile game, Dragon Ball Legends.  This game opposed to the other mobile game I did brawl stars, I have a lot more experience in it.  It is a 3d fighting game with the characters from popular anime series Dragon Ball.

Personally I enjoy the game I feel like it is not too grindy and someone who doesn’t pay can obtain the same things as someone who does without making it nearly impossible.  Most characters are available to get for good amounts of time and usually come back in some way or another and each character is unique with special animations for their attacks and other abilities.  Also the main base character which you start the game with has many different customizations you can change his costume, special abilities, and his transformations.  The game play itself is also very satisfying with three characters to play with in every battle and tons of ways for you to defeat your opponent.  There is a large story that can be played on normal or hard mode.  Along with tons of special events to help you get resources, money, or characters.  There is also training equipment and adventures that can be used so you can gain experience for characters and resources even when not actively playing the game.  There is also a pvp, though I find the game play itself very fun I think the matchmaking is a little off.  The matchmaking is based of your rank which always begins at zero every season and your characters level and power have no factor which they should because any new player is able to hop into pvp and in the beginning it will be nearly impossible for them to rank up after a certain rank because most people after that rank will play enough that they are much more leveled and more powerful than them.  So your rank cuts off at a certain rank depending on you power because you will pretty much need to be a certain power level to ever win against those people, and when playing in a competitive mode I expect to be the rank that best represents my skill not how much I play the game and how powerful my characters are.  If a factor in matchmaking was your characters and their level and power than I think the ranks would be a much better indication of a players skill. The only other thing in that game that I dislike is that energy takes a long time to regenerate like 15 mins for each bar and you can only have 10 at a time, so once you are out it takes 2 and a half hours or 150 minutes to fully regenerate.  With each battle costing 1 to 2 bars of energy when you feel like playing a bunch you are really held back.  You can use special crystals that are used to summon new characters or use up your energy tanks that holds an extra up to 99 energy that is filled with 3 energy everytime your account levels up which isn’t much.

Other than those two things I think the game is really fun and it allows for many different ways to play.  The game is fun even if you just play every once in a while because you can still be in par with the people that play a lot because it isn’t really grindy.  I would recommend everyone to try it out because I personally enjoy it a lot it’s nice to play every once in a while when you have nothing else to do or you are waiting for something.

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The Umbrella Academy

Hi I don’t usually do tv shows but I watched the first half of The Umbrella Academy yesterday with my sister and I thought this Image result for the umbrella academy showwould be a good opportunity to branch out.  I haven’t finished the show yet so this is just my opinion so far.

One of the things that kinda irked me was how the show leaves you not knowing much especially in the first episode or two where you know practically nothing other than the plot, so it’s frustrating when things happen and you don’t fully understand it.  But, even though I didn’t necessarily enjoy it actually drew me in more because I wanted to know more I wanted to understand what was happening and why.  Maybe this switches around because I have only seen about half of the show I assume though at the end of the season there is gonna be a big reveal that makes sense of everything.  Another thing that I enjoyed is that it seemed as there was almost no downtime, something was always happening and even when it would be something small I would still be on the edge of my seat because of the unpredictability of the show.  Also the evil people that I know of so far (stay with me here i’ll do my best to explain without spoiling anything) sare 3 dimensional in that they have emotions and are aware of what they are doing and they aren’t bad just for the sake of being bad.  I will definitely be finishing the show the next time I decide to watch because it is very bingeable I guess you could say (good for some of you and terrible for the other).  Hopefully Netflix renews the show for another season because I really enjoy it and recommend everyone to watch the first episode or two maybe to see how they like it. My rating out of ten would probably be around and 8.75 I like it but isn’t like my new favourite show.


O.W.L. Season 2 Inaugural Day

Overwatch League Season 2 started yesterday February 14th.  With the Start of OWL Season 2, 8 new teams join the veteran 12 teams from last Season including, Toronto Defiant, Washington Justice, Guangzhou Charge, Atlanta Reign, Chengdu Hunters, Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal, and Vancouver Titans.  The first day of Overwatch league had 4 very exciting games.  The first game of the Season was the exact same as the last Grand Final Championship game of the first Season, Philadelphia Fusion vs. London Spitfire, in the Grand Finals the London Spitfire was victorious over the Fusion but this time it wasn’t the same the Philadelphia took their revenge by taking a nail biter 3-1 win.  The second game of the day was the New York Excelsior vs. Boston Uprising, New York Excelsior and Boston Uprising are both teams with lots of potential, when Uprising were in their peak in Season 1 they were the best team in the league.  However New York Excelsior is  just the most consistent team in the league and they are consistently in the top 3 teams, so Excelsior took the win 2-1.  The next game of the day was between a fan favorite Seoul Dynasty and a team playing in their own home the Los Angeles Gladiators.  These teams both have great individual players and have shown lots of promise in the past.  In their match-up Seoul Dynasty took the win in another close 3-1 game.  The last game of the day was argued to be one of the best if not the best, Shanghai Dragons vs. Hangzhou Spark.  Shanghai Dragons hold the title for the longest losing streak in all of sports history not only eSports but conventional sports as well, going 0-40 in the first Season of OWL never winning a game and not making the cut for the play-offs.  The Hangzhou Spark would also be the first new team we would see play.  But, ever since they announced joining the OWL they became a fan favorite with a vibrant cotton candy blue and pink color scheme and a very powerful roster coming mostly for a dominant korean team called Panthera which performed very well in smaller tournaments.  But, hopes were high for Dragons fans because the entire team had been redesigned by the organization with only a handful of players from the first Season staying on the team.  Sadly the losing streak continued for the Dragons losing to the Hangzhou Spark 3-1 in another very close match.  In the beginning of the game it seemed as if they were going to have an easy win but the Spark didn’t give up and always came back with a fight.

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Borderlands 2

Image result for borderlands 1 and 2Recently I revisited a franchise that I really like when I used to play on the Xbox 360, Borderlands.  Back on the 360 I had the first Borderlands and when I began PC gaming I actually bought the 2nd installment Borderlands 2 but for some reason I never played it. Over winter break I decided to try it out again, I think I didn’t play it for so long because I thought it was kind of old and outdated.  But, when I started playing I really enjoyed it.  I loved how you could totally customize how you play the game with class mods and skill trees to give boosts to certain aspects of your character and allow them to have certain abilities.  The gun play was also really satisfying I loved trying out new weapons with different elemental burns and especially rare and unique weapons that were totally different than everything else. It reminded me a little bit of one of my favorite games ever Destiny and Destiny 2 and I think the Destiny franchise could even learn a little from Borderlands. I would definitely play a Borderlands 3 but sadly I don’t think gearbox the makers of Borderlands are going to make one.