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This is different then what I usually blog about but I really wanted to talk about it.  Overall I think this Joker can be really good I don’t think it will be a disappointment like some other DC movies.  For one Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor and from small parts of the trailer like when he does the signature joker laugh and when he is dancing, I really see the potential for what a great joker he can be.  Also I think its cool cause unlike other comic based movies that are usually action packed with effects and fight scenes this movie seems to just be the audience following the Joker as he descends into madness which to me is very appealing.  The one think I think is a bit interesting is that Bruce Wayne is a little boy in the trailer and Bruce’s parents are still alive this means that this joker is not the one Batman would fight in the DC Cinematic Universe.  The Joker that the Batman most likely would fight is Jared Leto the Joker from the Suicide Squad which personally I liked the idea behind a new type of Joker but thought it was executed very badly, I’m assuming that Jared Leto’s Joker who seems to be more of a mob boss than a criminally insane murderer who did not play well with others was inspired by Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in the past of DC’s movie universe.  I am interested though in what Joker will do because I think at least that the first half will be Joaquin’s Joker descending into madness and the second part being the Joker getting revenge against the city that has tormented him so much. So what Joker will do to get his revenge is intriguing to me as well as who will stop him and how that is if anyone does.  Personally as well I would rather watch the new Joker Movie than Avengers Endgame, because the world has known about infinity war and its second part for years now and waiting a couple more weeks is nothing to me but since I just learned about this Joker movie recently and can’t stop watching the trailer, I remember hearing Jared Leto’s Joker would be getting a standalone movie but I really wasn’t all that excited for it but knowing now that is not the case I would definitely rather watch The Joker movie right now.


Image result for Joaquin Phoenix JokerJoaquin Phoenix in full Joker Attire



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