My Top 5 Favorite Games/ Game Franchises

This list was made in no particular order and I by no means am saying that these are the best Games/ Game Franchises these are just some games that I personally enjoyed and currently enjoy a lot.

Assassin’s Creed Franchise:

Assassins Creed 2 was one of the first games I really loved. I spent countless hours playing the game whether it was doing main missions, side missions, or just exploring the world and messing around. My love for the game would make me interested in the rest of the franchise and even more than that the lore of all the games. I would always go on youtube and see the story of each game and how it would tie into the story of the franchise.

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Skyrim was also one of the first games I loved, playing it around the same time as I did the Assassins Creed 2. Skyrim has number 3 in having the highest playtime I have on any of the games i’ve ever played. I spent around 600+ hours in the game of Skyrim exploring the massive world and completing every small bit of the game that I could until I beat 100% of the game and then making a new save and doing it all over except on a harder difficulty.

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Destiny Franchise:

I first discovered Destiny though recommendations from friends and I tried it because it was also made by Bungie the creators of the Halo franchise another game franchise I love Destiny 1 was the first online game I had ever played with friends. This made it so much more fun than anything I had played before. I already loved the game by itself but playing with friends enhanced that experience times 10. One of my favorite memories of all time was playing the Kings Fall raid for the first time with friends as they babied me through it for 9 hours. This love from Destiny 1 enticed me to play Destiny 2 a fresh and revamped version to the old game that had been updated for 4 years till Bungie realized it would be a good idea to announce Destiny 2. So far Destiny 2 has been one of my go to games and I love playing with all of the friends i’ve made through the game. Over Destiny 1 and 2 I have spent over 1400 hours in the world of Destiny even though it is technically 2 games I count the playtime together making the Destiny franchise have the most playtime i’ve ever had in a game.

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Overwatch was my first pc game around 4 years ago.  I really wanted to play it ever since I heard about it before it was released and it was in its beta stage.  I loved the concept of a shooter where there a multiple characters and each one does something totally different. Also just like Destiny it was a multiplayer game so playing it with freinds made it that much more fun.  After 4 years I still play Overwatch even though it isn’t as fun as it used to be for me it is still better than Fortnite and it is one of my go to games today.

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Halo Franchise:

Halo Reach was my first shooter game and I was immediately hooked. Although I never really played the multiplayer aspect of Halo Reach I still really enjoyed the campaign an other single player modes. In later on Halo games I would begin playing online more and I would play custom games created by the Halo community which made me love the game franchise even more. Even though I don’t play the newer Halo games for 2 reasons one of them is that I don’t have a xbox 1 another being I don’t enjoy them as much as I used to, but the old halos I used to play as a kid are great classics for me.

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Destiny 2 – Festival of the Lost Review

I know this is a bit delayed because I missed a couple days either way this is my review of the festival of the lost in Destiny 2. Festival of the lost is the annual halloween event for the Destiny franchise. Sadly last year Destiny 2 did not get it’s Festival of the Lost because the game release date was around the same time that the Festival of the Lost would occur. Which means this is the first Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 and it is came with some new in game rewards and content so lets hop right in.

The New Content

This years festival of the lost brought the return of the iconic mask which let you play as the in game npc (Non Player Characters). Some of the notable few include master rahool the ultimate meme master of the destiny franchise, the man who can crush your loot dreams when you hope to get a new piece of gear but end up getting your 16th grenade launcher that day and the colonel the late hunter vanguard Cayde-6’s beloved pet chicken just to name a few.  Along with the basic weapon and armour shaders, emotes, and emblems. The big piece of this event is the Haunted Forest a new 3 player pve experience where players explore randomly generated areas and kill enemies to build progress towards a boss fight and players repeat this progress as many times as possible before the timer of 15 minutes is over. Every time the boss is killed the level of enemies gets higher making each wave harder and harder. Each wave completed at the end of the 15 minutes grants a fragmented soul. Fragmented souls can be used to buy the event shaders, emblems, masks, and the pinnacle event reward.

Pinnacle Reward and Fragmented Souls

The new horror story auto rifle is a new and revamped version of one of the original and beloved Destiny 2 weapons the origin story. The horror story is a top tier weapon with a set assortment of top tier perks including rampage which increases damage every time the player gets a kill stacking 3 time increasing overall damage up to 65% the other perk is zen moment which increases weapons stability when damage is dealt with the weapon. It also comes with a fully masterworked reload perk which is amazing in the current state of the game since the average player doesn’t have the materials necessary to manually masterwork a weapon fully.  Overall the Horror Story is a beast

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Overall experience

Overall this years festival of the lost was a step in the right direction for Destiny 2 events but it is not where it should be. Destiny 2 events should have more longevity and replayable content. In this years festival of the lost the new game mode was extremely repetitive and it wasn’t all that fun after the first few games. Also the event provided good loot to grind for so there was a lot to grind for in the game, but the second the event was over all of the things everyone was grinding for was gone and Destiny 2 went back to being bland. If there was a way to be able to start to grind for something and then work towards it as you please that would make the game a more pleasnt experience overall. I also understand that Bungie the creators of Destiny 2 want event items to be exclusive and difficult to get but this also leads to players burning out on the game. So even though the game because very fun and grindy during an event the it makes the overall experience of Destiny worse afterwards and Bungie should try to find a way to carry the excitement of an event to Destiny 2 when there are no special events going on.