Destiny 2 – Corruption Week

Finally 21 days after the drop of Destiny 2’s latest DLC named “Forsaken” the end game area The Dreaming City has reached its final stage of corruption induced by the Taken, an evil parasite corrupting the galaxy. Players everywhere finally got to witness this stage of The Dreaming City and along with it came many secrets.

First up after completing the Blind Well challenge and going to turn in the offering to the oracle something unexpected happened instead of the regular dialogue from Mara Sov, thought to be dead for years, queen of the Awoken, and sister of Uldren Sov killer of Cayde-6 beloved by all hunter vanguard. Players actually got to travel through a portal to meet the notorious Mara Sov confirming all the theories that she is alive once and for all.

Other news relating to Mara Sov is that this week players got to experience a mission that has been teased for weeks, The Shattered Throne. It was hidden mission found in the dungeons that can only be found by entering the taken portals in the Dreaming City once every three weeks. Upon entering The Shattered Throne it is found to be at an astounding power level of 585 while the average player base at the time of this article is around 555. This made it a new and challenging experience to Destiny called a Dungeon a so called 3 man raid with puzzles and bosses, with the average clear taking anywhere from two and a half to a whopping 5 hours. The size of The Shattered Throne is very large as well, as big as half of the Dreaming City and containing as many secrets as the Dreaming City itself. Thankfully this mission grants a very anticipated piece of gear the wishender exotic bow that grants wallhacks within a short distance. This exotic bow also allows players to to finally destroy the ahamkara(baby dragon) eggs around the dreaming city. It is still unknown what these dragon eggs do or what will happen when they are all destroyed but, it is speculated to maybe start a new hidden exotic questline like the whisper of the worm exotic sniper rifle.

Image result for shattered throne

The picture above shows only about one-eighth of the the Shattered Throne dungeon. It is made clear the size of the Shattered Throne and there are no doubt many more hidden secret inside. Hopefully overtime we, The Destiny community will be able to uncover everything the Shattered Throne is hiding.


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  1. Wow, such detail and amazing work put into this post. I’m really excited to see your future gaming posts, and maybe we could do a collab. Keep up the good work champ!

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