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A Path Towards A Civil War

Heading Towards A Civil War.

by Aldan W and Jackson K

For a nation that has been around for 242 years should would begin to worry about the downfall of america?

This idea has become for apparent in recent years due to the huge disagreements in different ideas about politics and the economic structure and so on.

If huge disagreements like this i wouldn’t be surprised if  our downfall is due to civil war just like how the civil war the Romans had lead to their downfall.

For America the problems that could lead us to another civil war are the opposition of opinions, economic structure, taxes, and wealth

The Opposition Of Opinions

The Opposition of opinion is the difference in ideas, politics, and other ideas.

In America there are many different ideas and opinions about the politics and how our country should be run.

People used to share these opinions and were accepting of others but in more recent time people are no longer really sharing their political opinions because people are now and days will argue saying your wrong and your opinions should not exist.

In more recent times the split between political opinions has grown, and as the this split has grown there has been a growth in the tension between these opinions.

This tension between political opinions has caused people to riot against people who believe in a different idea just because they don’t believe in their own opinions.

As of right now there is a growing tension due to the opposition of opinions which could eventually lead a path which could be the end of our nation.


Economic Structure

When it comes to our economic structure there are a lot of opinions and disagreements about what our economic structure should be.

Our Economic Structure is a huge argument among people in our country because  lot of people believe that we should be running our economic system.

A lot of people believe that our Capitalist system is corrupted and flawed in every way and they believe that we should switch to socialism.

In more recent year arguments about our economic structure being capitalist or socialist have become more frequent.

But the big problem about these arguments is more people are blindly following people who believe that we should switch to socialism even thought these people don’t know what socialism is.

For those who don’t know socialism is where the ways of making a living are owned by the people not by the corporations.

For those who don’t know by switching to a socialist structure would most likely be the end of our nation because socialism tends to end up causing a country to go into poverty.

Socialism would probably lead us to a civil war if it was put into place because if our nation followed the trend we most likely end up in poverty, which would cause a major split in the wealthy and poor people of our nation to the point where it starts a civil war, just like it did in Rome.


Taxes are a big cause of debate in our nation because many people believe that taxes should be lowered and others believe that taxes are absolutely need to fund things in the government.

The sad thing about taxes is that neither side on the debate can come to terms with each other.

Since neither side can come to terms with each other it has caused a problem were both sides of the debate can never agree.

For example republicans believe that we should lower tax rates because it protects business and people and that the democrats idea of the taxes is a wasteful system.

The Democrats believe that the taxes are useful to the government in trying fund projects and other things ,but they believe the republicans idea is funneling money to the wealthy.

With neither side of the debate not being able to come to terms with each other on taxes it just a another issue that could be fueling a potential civil war in america overall all of these could lead to a civil war or be causes of a civil war. With growing tension between political parties and classes could lead us to a civil war, if problems are not fixed.



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Rome’s Slaves Are Like Americans Machine’s


Rome’s Slaves Are Like Americans Machine’s

Increase in  slavery put many Romans out of work.  In America new machines put workers out of work.

Over 2,000 years ago Rome’s people were losing jobs do to the increase in slavery. While we don’t have slavery today in America, we do  have something that relates to it. That is Artificial Intelligence machinery.

Slaves in Rome often had to cut grass and do other  forms of gardening. In America you can pay lawn care businesses  to do it for you but many of those businesses shut down when the lawn  mower hit the sales in 1930. Many people started using lawn mowers instead of paying for the lawn care business because they saved money.  In that case most lawn care businesses didn’t make enough money to keep running so they had to shut down.

Slaves were  human people so they need food and  water to survive. Machines need batteries or some kind of  recharge system to keep them able function.

Both do difficult tasks so the “normal” people don’t have to. A  slave has to lift heavy things by hand. A bulldozer lifts heavy things with a giant bucket.

Both need  to be trained  in order to properly do their assigned task. A slave be tough, strong, and fit if  they’re working in the fields. If they’re working in the house they need to be neat and patient. Usually this is taught by other slaves or self taught. A machine  needs to be built properly and programmed. For example A machine that stirs the mix in a juice at a fruit punch factory, that machine has a software in it that tells what to do. Someone in the factory programs it.

Jason and Alfie

Is America’s army the new power house like rome?

 By: Kiran Ahmed, Wilson Ritterpusch, Veronica Swartz



bad generals were a common thing in Rome.

We may be going through the same thing in America.  You see, is in good time right now but it might be going through a decline soon.  

Rome started out the same way as America is right now.  They had a great army and conquered many places.

When they started hiring bad generals?

the army started to lack in skills they needed to survive. Meanwhile, us American’s, are at a place like the Romans were when their army was great. I’m just worried that we will eventually be at a decline.



Since Rome was one of the main world powers back 27 B.C.E. That means they probably spent a lot of money on their army, and the US today has spent over 3 billion dollars on the department of defense alone. This means that we have a lot of debt money.

But the US department of defense is more than just the army its all areas of defense it pay the police, navy, army, air force, national security agency, defense intelligence agency, missile defense agency, etc. so that’s kind of the table of being like Rome because they only spent money on their army.

Which Means?

Since the army was only rich people for a short amount of time they had a very small but strong army. But the US army is very big and we are one of the most powerful armies in the world right now.



As Rome was under attack from outside forces, it was also suffering from a severe financial crisis.

How did this happen?

Constant wars and overspending significantly lightened oppressive taxation and inflation caused a big gap between the rich and the poor. In hope of avoiding the taxman, many wealthy people had fled to the countryside.

Rome’s economy had depended on slaves for its fields and work. When the expansion was put to a stop in the second century Rome’s slaves and war treasures went downhill.



Power was a big problem for Rome in earlier times.  


Rome’s military was always intertwined with the political system.  In a Roman kingdom, the social standing of a person impacted the person’s job and military role.  

So, it was easy for some people to want more in their life. But here is the thing if they only let wealthy people in the army for a while how were they so powerful. But the US lets everybody in their army.


So do we think that Rome is becoming the new Rome?

No, because we have a lot less self-obsessed people in the army and the people in the Roman empire are self-centered and people in the American army are doing their job for us so we can be safe. Also, we spend a lot of money on are dod (department of defense) but Rome spent a lot of money on each soldier alone then they don’t have any money for the blacksmiths who make their weapons.


Is America just a New Rome?

This is how america’s tax problem could affect your Future…

By Evan Baker and Parker Osoba

Modern day America has a major tax crisis. Taxes are extremely uneven between the rich and the poor and people are getting upset. One example of how inflation is affecting you is the drastic price increase on something as small as a movie ticket. The average price of a movie ticket in 2019  averages eight to ten dollars for kids, and 10 to 12 dollars per adult whereas in 2000, cost half as much, valued at $5.66.

How taxes are costing you more than money

Although many of us think we pay a lot of taxes, we should glad that we aren’t paying $150,000 in taxes per year like the people in america’s top 1%. Or if you are one of the people unlucky enough to be in america’s top 20% and pay 87% income tax, then there are a few ways to make that lost money back from what some might consider to be a greedy government.


Three ways to gain your tax money back

1.invest your money in tax deductible activities when possible.

2.Learn how to file taxes correctly or use services such as turbo tax.

3.Save money by taking classes and learn how you can get paid for filing taxes correctly on your own.

America’s ever-growing inflation rate has skyrocketed over the last 20 years even on everyday luxuries like a candy bar. Did you know that on average, you can save about 30% of your annual income just by skipping out on the convenience  store trips and unnecessary items from the grocery store like that box of cheese-its or that case of Gatorade. America’s inflation rate problem is similar to the inflation rate problem that led to the downfall of Greece in the way that every year, the cost of items continue to grow in order to keep up with the ever-growing global economy that is slowly requiring the consumption of more and more money, until the price of resources is too high for even the richest Americans to afford.

Not to mention the major debt crisis that America already faces. America is about 22 trillion dollars in debt and counting, so if something like a third world war were to occur, then  our economy would take a massive hit and would be unable to help fund allies.

Then the economy would start to go under and look like a modern day Rome(for comparison). America already has the largest debt out of all of the countries in the world. Yet, we believe we are able to fund our rapidly expanding economy just to keep up with the other countries, which will cause our country to become bankrupt, and end up as a modern day(maybe even worse) version of Rome.

America has slowed down the expansion of ideas just like Rome had. Rome built itself to  be a huge empire with many feats just like America had. But Rome stopped being innovative. Once they achieved aqueducts, arches, and  domes  they stopped.

America has given freedom to the people, right to bear arms, and completed many architectural feats  like the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Jefferson Memorial.

Our country flourishes in innovation and now just like Rome we’ve stopped. This stand still could weaken our country while other countries like China and Korea are currently thriving with new ideas and modernizing their cities.

America has many things happening to it similar to that of Rome. It doesn’t necessarily mean America is going to fall but it is a possibility.

America’s Step to Disaster

America’s Step to Disaster

Ayaan K, Ayaan A

America and Rome have been looking similar lately when it comes to poverty and poor government management.  Most of the time when I get on to my phone there something wrong going on.


Rome was not going down the right path after a certain point of no self-management which lead to many crucial factors. America right now is starting to go down that path and nobody has done anything about it.


Rome’s self-management had become to such an extent in which it caused their own civil war. I’m not saying that will happen again in America, but there has been many horrific events occurring recently.


Horrific events including school shootings, sex trafficking, and diseases have been a serious problem in Rome and America.


Horrific events copied and pasted…

School shootings have been occurring a lot recently. In 2018 alone, there was a total of 24 school shootings that included 114 people killed or injured. The most dreadful school shooting that had happened in the last year was in Florida. These shootings go back to Rome as if the Barbarians invaded them multiple times in a period of time.


Women yesterday and today


Sex trafficking has been a serious issue for many years now in America. Women discrimination can be lead back to Rome. Women back in Rome were treated like slaves with no rights. Women back then were mainly used to birth children and to make good warriors. Nowadays, predators use women as they were treated back in Rome.


Diseases never changed


Diseases are a significant part of our society. Although, we have found some helping factors towards diseases but not cures. Specifically chemotherapy has helped people with cancer. Except, citizens in Rome did not have the technology we have today in order to prevent further harm of diseases.


Grinding Poverty


The poverty rate has climbed vastly since 1970. The poverty rate has gone up about four percent since 2018. It’s very sad to hear about 43 million people live in poverty. Now 13.5 percent of American adults and kids live in poverty.


Food silence


Starvation is a colossal issue that America deals with. Americans should always try to donate whatever they can to the less fortunate.  Charities have helped many people who live in poverty, but it’s not enough to help all in need. Many citizens who lived in Rome were not categorized as people who live in poverty if they did not have water or food. Nowadays, we have become smarter people in order to know we need food and water to survive.


Our money is being wasted


Next, it was hard to grow crops back in Rome during certain climates. It’s also hard to grow crops in America during winter because of the cold climate. On the contrary, America has a much bigger economy in marketing and trade. In the Roman times, not many people could afford to buy from small markets. Also, not all people had enough items to put up for trade. This also decreases a person’s income if they are the farmer growing crops. Many Romans depended on crops to survive, but once the natural disasters occur, it’s over.

Come to a conclusion…

Rome and America are very similar in their ways. The both countries deal with people who are impoverished, doleful government issues, disease and agricultural issues. At times, the countries deal with intricate problems. Although, the both countries are incessant on making their countries better for their society.


Is their a civil war in the future for the U.S.

By: Charlie Mercer and Justin Teer


Is There a Civil War in the Future for the U.S.?


Most people don’t think it is possible but is there a civil war in the future of the U.S.


As I have been reading more and more about the conflicts between the political parties as with trump and other countries. I have learned that eventually the U.S could possibly have a civil war pt 2.


The chances of this happening anytime soon are unlikely, but possible.


This war would happen if after a while both parties or sides can not agree on a major current event happening.


After reading about this, I realized that this situation is most like the situation in rome when it was at its highest point.


In Rome the plebeians(low social class) thought that the patricians(highest social class) treated them unfairly.


When julius caesar was ruler then the plebeians were not as mad because julius likes the plebeians.


Julius gave rights to everyone no matter what your social class was which made all lower class people happy.


Julius was killed by the rest of the roman senators because they did not like the new rules for  the lower classes.


Eventually the plebeians got tired of how much work they were doing and how little they were getting in return.


The civil war that happened because of these actions is one of the main factors that caused rome’s empire to decline.


Is too much money sometimes a problem.

For most people this question does not go through their minds, but after doing some research I think this should be something that everybody thinks about.

In Rome in about 500 B.C there were two main social classes, the Plebeians and the Patricians.

The Patricians were at the top of the social class, they had the money and held all of the power.

While the Plebeians are the lower side of the social class, the farmers, the craftsmen, and the laborers.

After a while of working hard and not getting much in return the plebeians were done.

Eventually the plebeians got somewhat of what they wanted in the twelve tables.

The twelve tables gave basic rights to anyone no matter what social class they are in.

This worked until it didn’t. The Patricians still have all the power and the plebeians still think they deserve more.

Especially after Julius Caesar died who had a good relationship with the plebeians.

The patricians won’t give the plebeians what they want they go to war.

Unsurprisingly the civil war is one of the reasons Rome’s massive empire began to decline.

If the Patricians weren’t as greedy and just compromised with the plebeians then the Rome empire could have lasted much longer.Image result for roman civil war

how Rome and America completely changed over 2000 years.

hayden burn and olivia ianizzi

How Rome and America completely changed in 2000 years

I think that Rome and america are different in terms of population shrinking and farming and this is why:

Did you know?….

That the US population is overpopulated, but have you heard that a large part of it is in poverty.

Produce in ancient Rome consisted of organic vegetables and grains that they farmed.

While the US today “runs on Dunkin’’ aka fat food where there are ingredients that lead to health problems and diseases.

In Ancient Rome farming was the main source of food and it was all free since it was farmed.

In America today’s price tags on healthy produce is exponentially higher than fast food which is why over half of America is Obese.

Overpopulation in america; when is it too much?

Overpopulation; when the ecological footprint of a human population exceeds the carrying capacity.

Is America overpopulated? Yes and no.

Yes because America is growing at the fastest rate we have ever seen, we have not completely hit capacity yet.

In comparison to the time in Ancient Rome when the population was shrinking, America now is the complete opposite with scare of overpopulation.

Ancient Rome shrinked for many different reasons. But some of the main reasons are disease, starvation, and war/ invasions.

Also in ancient Rome the population was decreasing not because of the food because most of their food was natural and healthy so it wasn’t causing all of the diseases.

Although that wasn’t the biggest part if someone had an illness they didn’t have the correct tools, medicine or knowledge. Now we have the education and new inventions to help cure many illnesses and that will help us not shrink in population as much as ancient rome did.

Food differences; why america is known for its food and not in a good way.

You might know what fast food is, right? Yes. almost the whole population of america is literally running on this cheap, fast, and delicious craze.

Our country is divided between the community of people who eat and live on fast food chains like McDonalds, chick-fil-a, taco bell, etc. while the others are eating a healthy lifestyle and are gym obsessed.

Though there is a group of people in between the divide, i think it’s harder to find them. I think this because i feel as though social media has such an influence on people.

Young girls are growing up seeing an image of what they should look like. On the other hand companies, specifically fast food chains are constantly telling you how good there new items are. So what do people do? They go and buy it and enjoy it.

Now we can get into Rome, ancient Rome has always had a big agricultural community but compared to america today it’s a world of difference.

Most families had a farm with animals and when they would go and sell them or their produce they would make money and they would put that money back into their farm.

Overall farming and fishing were a big part of ancient Rome and everyone was eating the same; healthy, mainly because there was no food.

How do price tags lead to Obesity?

Healthy foods tend to be more expensive than unhealthy food, this leads to obesity or other health problems.

People in poverty get less expensive foods because they can not afford to buy foods that are expensive.

Food products that are healthy have better ingredients, that are better for you which make the price of the item go up quickly.

Although, unhealthy foods tend to be less expensive, so people in poverty want to buy the unhealthy foods.

Americans in poverty need things other than food for example they worry more about cars and shelter than spending lots of money just to eat healthy.

Some Americans are more focused on that than food, so they would get the less expensive food and get a good car. This leads to obesity because less expensive food tends to be unhealthy.

In Ancient Rome there was farming and fishing. This helps them because they always will have food set right in front of them, they just have to work for it. Food that is farmed or fished for are healthy, because it is all natural.

Ancient Rome and America today are much different because of food differences.


Are rich Americans getting more lazier with more problems?

By Joi Wilson and Grace M.


Whenever there is a Pollution or Government problem, people with less money tend to try to fix it. Some rich people will help, but we’re not seeing that much participation from them.  

People that don’t make as much money and are on the lower side of the spectrum care more about the news and problems because it might affect their work or other things in their lives. Money tends to make people feel as if they don’t need to focus on other things.

This is also showing a resemblance of when Rome was falling apart and the rich shared no concerns toward it and care about themselves. Now some of America’s wealthy people are reenacting this issue.  

If you were watching YouTube, some people discuss on how money can be corrupting to the mind. I looked at more videos and websites, I realized that this could lead toward peoples compassion getting killed by money. Are Rich Americans getting lazier with more Problems?


Is money killing compassion in others?  

This was tested by multiple scientists that people who are known to be wealthy don’t have to likeness to care what is happening around them.  

It’s found that most wealthy Americans don’t care much about other people’s health and well-being. Some wealthy Americans even won’t risk buying candy for a child. It’s proven that when rich Americans are in front of a TV and watch a commercial about kids with cancer that react less than people in poverty.     

Are rich people being less included in this society

It’s found that according to the Association for Psychological Science that higher class citizens (rich Americans) don’t care much about their surroundings. For one of the proven facts, it’s found that rich people and actually ruder towards people with more poverty.

For their first experiment, they gave wealthy and less wealthy people Google glasses with eye tracking on them. As the experiment was going on, they notice that the less wealthy people more likely looking at people on Instagram. While, wealthy people look more at dwell “things”.  


Are the rich destroying the economy?

People have been recognizing that wealthy people have lower tax rates than less wealthy people. This causes poor people to struggle to make money, which causes the richer Americans to Feel superior and as if their more important. Also, richer Americans control half of all the Wealth. When it comes to taxes, the rich aren’t investing some of their resources. Some have said whenever they receive money, it will either be spent on vehicles and accessories. The rich should be paying the most taxes since they make the most but the poorer side of the spectrum seem to be paying more taxes? The rich seem to be thriving and doing better than ever. For the poorer people I’m not sure I can totally say that same but it isn’t the worst it would ever be. The poor people in the end would be affected the most by anything that damages their jobs and that’s why the Rich Americans don’t keep track of the news very well. Giving rich more money is not doing any good for the economy because not that money rich people are investing in money. It’s more like depositing it. The rich just end up hoarding all the money, and when they find was to make more they just hire as few people as possible.


Rich people don’t need anything else so only think about themselves and not government issues.

Richer Americans tend to not think about government issues because their too busy focusing on their money and power. Wealthier Americans also tend to not rely on others, making them not pay attention to other citizens. Some wealthier Americans no longer watch the news because they’re too busy looking at their popularity status or how much money they have to stay at the top. Researchers said that the more powerful people will only nod or laugh while in a conversation about Political or Economic issues. Another test was two people having a conversation about the death of a loved one or troubles, and they were lower class. The conversation between higher class showed less concern and hardship.

America vs Rome: The Final Demise

By Hassan Azam  & Brady Johnson

The problems faced by Romans included poverty, enormous financial differences, and a costly economy.  At the time, the wealthy people gained too much power, and showing little interest in Rome’s problems.

The Colosseum, Rome

Today we have many rich people with a wide wealth gap between them and the poor. The poor then would have revolt with many trying to blame the government.

The Roman government was therefore unable to find a solution to such a problem. It is quite fascinating and scary at the same time because many of these problems are faced by Americans today.

It’s like likely that due to our own incompetence and apathy we are going to be demolished as a whole over the span of merely a few years.


We have many different problems facing people in America today, but you don’t realize it because our phones and watches distract us too much. We don’t know the truth hidden behind the curtain.

The people in Loudoun County are incredibly privileged and lucky to be in this town, but no one has appreciation. We’ve got kids doing stupid stuff when they’re given the biggest opportunity  ever. 

Throughout America there are people who are so poor that they try to commit a crime, so when they go to jail they can get food and shelter all day.  

In the meantime you and I are just chilling in our houses watching Netflix and having a nice warm home cooked meal. This is the beginning of our end.

The US is now one of the world’s powers, facing a greed issue that was once faced by Rome a long time ago. The people of Rome who were rich had absolutely no concern for others.

If we don’t buck up as a country, then were not going to sustain ourselves. The poor are much like back in Rome because the rich don’t care and they’re just enjoying life.

Financial differentiation

Another reason for Rome’s fall  was financial difference. There were tons of poor people, as well as some wealthy people, but no middle class. There might be some around here, but on a bigger scale it’s a big difference.

This caused civil war between two political groups, which had no good effect on Rome, and caused mass destruction. If the poor stay rising at this rate, then the downfall will be even more horrendous.

Knight Armor

This had a very bad effect on Rome’s economy and social government. America as whole is condemned to meet the same fate as the once great Romans.

Overpriced Economy

A gallon of gas cost 15 cents back in 1966, but now it’s a gallon of $ 2.00, and that’s what’s considered cheap. The economy of america has had a massive increase ever since the 1970s gas crisis.


Much like Rome the economy was growing too rapidly causing a massive increase on taxes which directly affected the poor the most. In turn it caused the poor to go homeless and once again split the country into two.

The economy is likely to rise from a mass inflation once again. The economy can’t change, but the difference for the rich doesn’t matter because there money and salary rises too.

All of these reason caused the poor people to  totally lose all their money, which then became the reason of the rift between the rich and the poor.

In the end whatever way you put America has many of the same problems as Rome which is scary considering that they were finally wiped out as a city. We are likely to fall the same way, but we can’t change from our mistakes no matter what.

A Wall Can Cause America to Crumble like Rome

A Wall Can Cause America to Crumble like Rome

By Jackie Lewis and Shea Laura

December 22nd, 2018, America witnessed its longest government shutdown in history.  For 35 days, 9 federal departments went without pay; leaving 800,000 workers without income.

The result of this seemingly never ending nightmare was the quarrel over the funding of our President’s wall on the southern border of Mexico.  Our President’s desire for his wall pushed him into shutting down our government to receive the funding for his partition on our southern border.

The Parties’ Points of View

Our President thinks that if we can block out Mexico then most of the country’s problems can be fixed.  But the reality is that the majority of the crimes committed in the country aren’t done by immigrants, but native born US citizens.

Most of the republicans side with President Trump on these matters, but not all. They are willing to side with the President because they see it as the most fit way to get what they want.

Democrats on the other hand, rather use the money for more appropriate matters.  Democrats actually supported giving money to border security, but not funding for the wall.

The Effects On Our Own Citizens

The standstill in congress between the Democrats and Republicans to pass an appropriate spending bill for President Trump’s wall caused our government shutdown, and left over 800,000 employees unpaid.

Most government workers were still going into work so that when they got paid after the shutdown ended, they would have a paycheck to take home to their families.

While the government has shutdown three times during Trump’s presidency, this has been the most catastrophic shut down in his presidency, and the history of the United States.

Just like Rome…

A major disagreement like this one is a telltale sign of failure.  Sooner or later our country will split more than it already is, for a second time.  Past empires, governments, and civilizations have failed because of major disputes between itself, and as history continues to repeat, we are on the path to failure.  

A famous empire that fell due to a civil war between government bodies is Rome.  Ancient Rome may not seem like it is similar to the United State, but in present time, it is.  The United States have followed the wrong footsteps into Rome’s slow descent into nothingness. With our government shutting down, and the never ending dispute between Republicans and Democrats, America is looking quite similar to Rome.

Rome’s government split over time, and when the non-stop fighting between the two government bodies piled on year after year, 300 agonizingly slow years later Rome fell.  300 years, the United States have barely been a country for that long, but is still experiencing the same amount of disagreement between our government.

There is no telling how it may play out, but if the United States continues to argue and disagree between our government, we may end up like Ancient Rome in a hundred, or less, years.  And if it’s all over a wall, I’m sure history would be disappointed.