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Is Rome like America?

Is America following in Rome’s footsteps

By Shahyan & Jr

In Rome the rich stopped providing money for the army and the army started to fall, and that was the cause of the decline of army.  This was a reason why Rome fell, could this also happen to the U.S?

Rome is different from the U.S because we don’t have only the wealthy in the army, anybody can be in the army now.

In the U.S  these days people become selfish with their money and do not like to donate to good causes to help others. Some of the rich help others but also some of the rich waste their money on valuables and after a while they start to be in poverty and want people to help them when they had the chance to help  people they failed to do so.

If the rich stopped helping the army by joining or by providing funding for army then we will start to lose our advantages that we’ve some of the things we may lose is our technological advances and our large manpower causing foreign nations to invade with ease.

Rich stopped caring for lower classes

The upper class people like to earn their money and not give to lower classes. The upper class likes to keep their money to themselves and not help or give to others that are in need.

The upper class spends their money on material things and stop spending it on things that could help the U.S. this is like Rome because in Rome the rich stop providing for the army and the army started to become week and eventually they fell because of the lack of help the upper class gave.

This caused a large social class gap to form causing some hostility towards the rich from the poor causing a internal struggle within Rome trying to control the poor from rising up and causing a civil war. The reason is why is the rich stopped caring about the poor and treating them poorly.

Rich stopped donating to better causes:

Finding the correct program to donate to is difficult for people, and donating to something you like or agree with is difficult. The rich have the chance to donate to the lower class or better causes but they choose it and they like to do their own thing with their money, but the middle class donates to better causes and the richer class is apathetic towards those things.

If the rich did donate to these good causes it would improve the environment and how the lower class would be a lot nicer to the upper class, and everyone would be happy. This would end all the hatred in Rome and in the U.S the poor wouldn’t be jealous the Rich wouldn’t be prideful and cocky.