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how Rome and America completely changed over 2000 years.

hayden burn and olivia ianizzi

How Rome and America completely changed in 2000 years

I think that Rome and america are different in terms of population shrinking and farming and this is why:

Did you know?….

That the US population is overpopulated, but have you heard that a large part of it is in poverty.

Produce in ancient Rome consisted of organic vegetables and grains that they farmed.

While the US today “runs on Dunkin’’ aka fat food where there are ingredients that lead to health problems and diseases.

In Ancient Rome farming was the main source of food and it was all free since it was farmed.

In America today’s price tags on healthy produce is exponentially higher than fast food which is why over half of America is Obese.

Overpopulation in america; when is it too much?

Overpopulation; when the ecological footprint of a human population exceeds the carrying capacity.

Is America overpopulated? Yes and no.

Yes because America is growing at the fastest rate we have ever seen, we have not completely hit capacity yet.

In comparison to the time in Ancient Rome when the population was shrinking, America now is the complete opposite with scare of overpopulation.

Ancient Rome shrinked for many different reasons. But some of the main reasons are disease, starvation, and war/ invasions.

Also in ancient Rome the population was decreasing not because of the food because most of their food was natural and healthy so it wasn’t causing all of the diseases.

Although that wasn’t the biggest part if someone had an illness they didn’t have the correct tools, medicine or knowledge. Now we have the education and new inventions to help cure many illnesses and that will help us not shrink in population as much as ancient rome did.

Food differences; why america is known for its food and not in a good way.

You might know what fast food is, right? Yes. almost the whole population of america is literally running on this cheap, fast, and delicious craze.

Our country is divided between the community of people who eat and live on fast food chains like McDonalds, chick-fil-a, taco bell, etc. while the others are eating a healthy lifestyle and are gym obsessed.

Though there is a group of people in between the divide, i think it’s harder to find them. I think this because i feel as though social media has such an influence on people.

Young girls are growing up seeing an image of what they should look like. On the other hand companies, specifically fast food chains are constantly telling you how good there new items are. So what do people do? They go and buy it and enjoy it.

Now we can get into Rome, ancient Rome has always had a big agricultural community but compared to america today it’s a world of difference.

Most families had a farm with animals and when they would go and sell them or their produce they would make money and they would put that money back into their farm.

Overall farming and fishing were a big part of ancient Rome and everyone was eating the same; healthy, mainly because there was no food.

How do price tags lead to Obesity?

Healthy foods tend to be more expensive than unhealthy food, this leads to obesity or other health problems.

People in poverty get less expensive foods because they can not afford to buy foods that are expensive.

Food products that are healthy have better ingredients, that are better for you which make the price of the item go up quickly.

Although, unhealthy foods tend to be less expensive, so people in poverty want to buy the unhealthy foods.

Americans in poverty need things other than food for example they worry more about cars and shelter than spending lots of money just to eat healthy.

Some Americans are more focused on that than food, so they would get the less expensive food and get a good car. This leads to obesity because less expensive food tends to be unhealthy.

In Ancient Rome there was farming and fishing. This helps them because they always will have food set right in front of them, they just have to work for it. Food that is farmed or fished for are healthy, because it is all natural.

Ancient Rome and America today are much different because of food differences.