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Is America on the same path as Ancient Rome?


By: Ty Grinnell and Hailey Mowery

Is America on the same path as Ancient Rome? The many reasons why Ancient Rome took a fall are current things that are starting to happen in America today.  




There’s many different religions in the U.S and there’s a lot of arguments about which one should be the best.


Currently, Christianity is the most popular in the U.S and some other religions believe that their own religions should be superior causing arguments. Potentially these arguments could lead to a war or a split of country.


Over Taxation


Over taxation was a major reason why ancient  Rome didn’t succeed.


Currently the more money you make in the U.S the more taxes you have to pay.


In ancient Rome almost everyone payed about the same.


Political Instability


Ancient Rome had a lot of issues politically, people disagreed on a lot of things which caused a split in the country.


You can see the same things happening in the U.S with Republicans wanting one thing and the Democrats wanting another thing. It’s creating tension and it could potentially lead to a split.




Rome had emperors that debased the currency in order to make more coins. This screwed up how much the value of the coins were and cause massive inflation.


The U.S has inflation too but our government can control it better. However if the government fails to control it and money was worth less the economy wouldn’t function properly and could fail causing a corrupt country.