What happened with rome? Is the fall of rome similar to our american society today?


-by colin and brian

There are tons of reasons why rome fell it would take days to explain all of i.


Rome’s plebeians and patricians were both extremely different the poor and normal people(plebeians) could barley help the society and contribute to anything because of the prices to pay of everything in rome.


After years and years of rome being live and well the wealthy and rich people stopped caring pretty much and stopped paying the higher taxes and stopped helping be in the army


And all of that as you can probably tell, literally made the entirety of rome collapse…


The army came down because the rich didn’t care enough to put themselves in it…


Rome’s army needs help

Rome  needed soldiers so they hired mercenaries…

Which was more money out of their pockets


And those mercenaries weren’t very good fighters because they didn’t really care about rome since they were from different countries.


But rome needed the soldiers because while everybody inside of rome stopped paying for things everybody on the outside of rome was at war.


The difference of the social classes

The gap between the two social classes was growing and while the rich stopped caring the poor couldn’t do anything because they didn’t have the money to help the society grow again.


The plebeians and patricians were so economically different by this point that they could not help the fall of the empire.


Most of the poor actually cared and wanted to help out with rome but by then slaves were taking their jobs and making them homeless pretty much making them powerless within the empire of rome.


Instability in the social classes

The plebeians jobs were taken then they were homeless and that would anger them to start an uproar within the empire making it continuously fall


The gap between the two classes grew further and further apart


The plebeians were angry with the gap and started more problems than the romans already had before


So now with the plebeians not having jobs and the patricians not caring enough to pay for anything the economy is crashing faster than ever


How is rome similar to america now?

Based off all the differences i’ve stated just now i bet there’s some thoughts about america and our economy.


We have the same problem with the super elite rich people of america not caring about paying taxes or paying for the army.


Our army  right now is very strong but seems the more and more rich people stop paying for taxes and that will not soon but eventually make a huge dent in our economy and our army.


As is now in america it’s already hard to get a job as a lower class person and if a lower class person even got one it wouldn’t be a very good one.


And since it seems like nobody seems to know or care about the decline of our american economy we need to start paying taxes and be more involved with our country.


In conclusion…


Americans could have a similar end like the romans so we have to make sure that doesn’t happen…


you wanna be around here for a while…don’t you?


I know being rich has its benefits but also its declines as in paying higher taxes, just do it, help the economy, please, we need it.


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