The Usa could end during the election

The United States could end on any election. The next one in a few years, the one after that, it could end at anytime. The things that could happen within the year of the election process could start a civil war between anything. It could be a simple argument and that argument could end up with Americans fighting each other.

By Aidan Walker and Jason Monico

With the way people are getting more savage with their actions when it comes to political topics. I believe that during the Trump vs Hillary election there were fights between the supporters of the two parties. If there we fights between the election just imagine the fights in the upcoming elections, maybe some people could get killed in the process just to get their opinion somehow through. With one person being killed over a political opinion could reach national news and spread controversy throughout america.

Again I feel like people want to express their opinion and think they are in the right then when people disagree they get offended. I feel like this could start during the election where the candidates could be faced with harassment from the other candidates supporters. This could be verbal harassment and even physical if it gets too crazy during the election. The candidates from last election was faced by people showing harassment and making a joke out of them.

To win in elections basically the most important thing to have is money. The more money the more of a chance you can elected which is sad but true. The charts I’ve seen proves that the more people that have money and run for president are more likely to win then others with lesser. 90% of the candidates that spend the most money win.

Looked at this way, a campaign is like a dinner party, and fundraising is the plates and silverware. You may work hard. You may get a lot of other things right. But if everyone is eating four-star lasagna off the table with their hands, the party will still be a failure and remembered more for what it didn’t have than what it did.” In the end it doesn’t matter the more you spend on others the better you look it doesn’t matter if your morals were in good intentions, i’m not saying that the more money that you spend will give you good morals but spending a lot of money for the election gives you a better chance to become president.


Violence levels could raise during the elections, the american election  I feel like would be a time where terrorists could become a big deal. This ties with Rome where leaders are getting killed and assassinated for the leaders decisions. The same thing could happen nowadays where leaders of america could be a target for a group of terrorists. Terrorist doesn’t have to come from a foreign country it could come from america. Having a leader killed could end up in a big war between two countries or it could end up in a civil war.


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