Rome’s Slaves Are Like Americans Machine’s


Rome’s Slaves Are Like Americans Machine’s

Increase in  slavery put many Romans out of work.  In America new machines put workers out of work.

Over 2,000 years ago Rome’s people were losing jobs do to the increase in slavery. While we don’t have slavery today in America, we do  have something that relates to it. That is Artificial Intelligence machinery.

Slaves in Rome often had to cut grass and do other  forms of gardening. In America you can pay lawn care businesses  to do it for you but many of those businesses shut down when the lawn  mower hit the sales in 1930. Many people started using lawn mowers instead of paying for the lawn care business because they saved money.  In that case most lawn care businesses didn’t make enough money to keep running so they had to shut down.

Slaves were  human people so they need food and  water to survive. Machines need batteries or some kind of  recharge system to keep them able function.

Both do difficult tasks so the “normal” people don’t have to. A  slave has to lift heavy things by hand. A bulldozer lifts heavy things with a giant bucket.

Both need  to be trained  in order to properly do their assigned task. A slave be tough, strong, and fit if  they’re working in the fields. If they’re working in the house they need to be neat and patient. Usually this is taught by other slaves or self taught. A machine  needs to be built properly and programmed. For example A machine that stirs the mix in a juice at a fruit punch factory, that machine has a software in it that tells what to do. Someone in the factory programs it.

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