Rome was not able to control their government: Is America next?

By David Lancaster, Quin Gutierrez

In ancient Rome, we suffered many problems that we suffer now in present-day America.

Back in the day, Rome wasn’t able to feed their citizens and a major decrease in population. This decrease made it really hard for the government to be controlled and managed.

Now in present day, U.S.A. people don’t understand the importance of voting. More people need to vote, in major and midterm, and all elections, it helps us take control of how our government is run.

In Rome, the upper class lost interest in the government.

Voting is an important process it helps our government run and enables us to improve our country.

The decreasing voter turnout rates show apathy to our government because not all voices are being heard. In Rome, the decrease in control in government was caused by apathy too.

Voting and participation in government is a very important part of running a country. But there are other duties of a citizen.  Each citizen should volunteer to help in the government.

Most new voters have no idea how our government is run and don’t vote for that reason. Others don’t vote for other reasons like, they have committed felonies. Then we have the people who just think that their vote doesn’t matter. Overall most people in the minority don’t vote for a mix of different reasons. But none of them are valid.  

To solve this problem everyone needs to help in the government. You do not need to hold office, help by voting or volunteering.

If you do this we can stop America from becoming the next Rome.

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