Is their a civil war in the future for the U.S.

By: Charlie Mercer and Justin Teer


Is There a Civil War in the Future for the U.S.?


Most people don’t think it is possible but is there a civil war in the future of the U.S.


As I have been reading more and more about the conflicts between the political parties as with trump and other countries. I have learned that eventually the U.S could possibly have a civil war pt 2.


The chances of this happening anytime soon are unlikely, but possible.


This war would happen if after a while both parties or sides can not agree on a major current event happening.


After reading about this, I realized that this situation is most like the situation in rome when it was at its highest point.


In Rome the plebeians(low social class) thought that the patricians(highest social class) treated them unfairly.


When julius caesar was ruler then the plebeians were not as mad because julius likes the plebeians.


Julius gave rights to everyone no matter what your social class was which made all lower class people happy.


Julius was killed by the rest of the roman senators because they did not like the new rules for  the lower classes.


Eventually the plebeians got tired of how much work they were doing and how little they were getting in return.


The civil war that happened because of these actions is one of the main factors that caused rome’s empire to decline.


Is too much money sometimes a problem.

For most people this question does not go through their minds, but after doing some research I think this should be something that everybody thinks about.

In Rome in about 500 B.C there were two main social classes, the Plebeians and the Patricians.

The Patricians were at the top of the social class, they had the money and held all of the power.

While the Plebeians are the lower side of the social class, the farmers, the craftsmen, and the laborers.

After a while of working hard and not getting much in return the plebeians were done.

Eventually the plebeians got somewhat of what they wanted in the twelve tables.

The twelve tables gave basic rights to anyone no matter what social class they are in.

This worked until it didn’t. The Patricians still have all the power and the plebeians still think they deserve more.

Especially after Julius Caesar died who had a good relationship with the plebeians.

The patricians won’t give the plebeians what they want they go to war.

Unsurprisingly the civil war is one of the reasons Rome’s massive empire began to decline.

If the Patricians weren’t as greedy and just compromised with the plebeians then the Rome empire could have lasted much longer.Image result for roman civil war

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