Is Being Rich Always A Good Thing?

Is being rich always really a good thing? By Jamie Kaine and Avery Jones

Rich becoming lazy and showing  little interest in trying to solve Rome’s problems was an issue way back when, but when looking at today’s economy, you see a very similar issue.

Is a 5% donation too big for billionaires?

How many times have you said “I’ll just do it later?” Almost everyone, right?

Well, billionaires think the same way. They think that all of these issues needing help, and problems needing solutions, will still be there in 10 or even 20 years. This doesn’t push them to donate large amounts towards all of these issues, because they can “just do it later,” right?  Or can they?

Are billionaires becoming “bothered” by charities?

The answer to that question is no, the rich are the ones bothering the charities.

Being asked to do something after you finish what you are doing is something that no one enjoys, but this happens on a day to day basis. From teachers asking you to do a paper after your test, to your mom telling you to do your chores after your homework. The rich feel the same.

They are asked to donate money  to charities that need the help, but say they’re “too busy or bothered” to do anything at all. Though it is their money and they are not requires to, it is a great thing to do since they have so much wealth and are earning more and more everyday. But sometimes, they don’t see it that way.


Rich don’t donate due to their “values not aligning”

Finding an organization that believes in all the same things you do, is against all the things you are against, and supports all the things you support, can be very challenging sometimes. People with more money are often very particular about where their hard earned cash is going.

Say there’s a charity that gives 85% of donations towards a foundation you believe in, and keeps the other 15%, a lot of people see this and do not think twice. But often times, people with more wealth feel that 100% of all donations should go towards the foundation they choose, and if they don’t, oftentimes, they will not donate a lot of money towards that foundation.

Finding a charity you fully support and where donations go directly to the foundation can be rare,  people with wealth are even more specific with where their money is really going.

It does not take long to figure out what things you like and don’t like, after that it’s just a matter of what charity will make the most of your money, but most don’t even take the time to think about what they do or do not like.

Will rich go broke after donating small portions to charity?

This is a silly question that most billionaires fear and most people with regular incomes laugh at simply because, this will not happen.

If you had $10 and you gave away $5, then yes, you could fear the thought of losing the rest of your money easily.  But if you have $72 billion, and are making even more everyday and won’t even give $10 of that away, that may be an issue.

5% of one billion dollars is fifty million. That sure does seem like a lot, but if you think about it, that is only 5% of their wealth, they still have literal millions left. And even less than that, 0.1% of one billion is one million.


But when you have 100 dollars and spend 10 and see that how much you have is no  longer three digits,  you may panic. There are so many millionaires and billionaires that fear that number of digits going down, that it really never does. 

Many of the wealthy with millions or even billions are scared of giving even the slightest bit of money away from the fear of losing it all and going broke, which is crazy and not at all a rational fear


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