Is America’s army the new power house like rome?

 By: Kiran Ahmed, Wilson Ritterpusch, Veronica Swartz



bad generals were a common thing in Rome.

We may be going through the same thing in America.  You see, is in good time right now but it might be going through a decline soon.  

Rome started out the same way as America is right now.  They had a great army and conquered many places.

When they started hiring bad generals?

the army started to lack in skills they needed to survive. Meanwhile, us American’s, are at a place like the Romans were when their army was great. I’m just worried that we will eventually be at a decline.



Since Rome was one of the main world powers back 27 B.C.E. That means they probably spent a lot of money on their army, and the US today has spent over 3 billion dollars on the department of defense alone. This means that we have a lot of debt money.

But the US department of defense is more than just the army its all areas of defense it pay the police, navy, army, air force, national security agency, defense intelligence agency, missile defense agency, etc. so that’s kind of the table of being like Rome because they only spent money on their army.

Which Means?

Since the army was only rich people for a short amount of time they had a very small but strong army. But the US army is very big and we are one of the most powerful armies in the world right now.



As Rome was under attack from outside forces, it was also suffering from a severe financial crisis.

How did this happen?

Constant wars and overspending significantly lightened oppressive taxation and inflation caused a big gap between the rich and the poor. In hope of avoiding the taxman, many wealthy people had fled to the countryside.

Rome’s economy had depended on slaves for its fields and work. When the expansion was put to a stop in the second century Rome’s slaves and war treasures went downhill.



Power was a big problem for Rome in earlier times.  


Rome’s military was always intertwined with the political system.  In a Roman kingdom, the social standing of a person impacted the person’s job and military role.  

So, it was easy for some people to want more in their life. But here is the thing if they only let wealthy people in the army for a while how were they so powerful. But the US lets everybody in their army.


So do we think that Rome is becoming the new Rome?

No, because we have a lot less self-obsessed people in the army and the people in the Roman empire are self-centered and people in the American army are doing their job for us so we can be safe. Also, we spend a lot of money on are dod (department of defense) but Rome spent a lot of money on each soldier alone then they don’t have any money for the blacksmiths who make their weapons.


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