Is America Leading to Another Civil War?: Rome’s Political Problems

Is America leading towards a civil War?: Rome’s political problems

In class we learned about the problems that lead to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.


We thought that some of the issues that were discussed could be applied to the government today. Issues such as the civil wars that were broken out between political groups in Rome.

Rome’s Political Problems

Rome had many political and social problems


  1. They had corrupt and greedy government officials who had destroyed people’s sense of citizenship
  2. Many Romans were uneducated due to the raise in education prices
  3. People were less informed and interested about civic matters
  4. Rome was too big to govern


There were 20 leaders within a 75 year period that governed Rome.  Many of them were assassinated.


The leadership was very unsustainable and the people began to lose their trust in their  government.

America’s Political Disagreement

With the all the media out today it’s hard to ignore the constant rivalry between the political parties in our country.   It seems that Republicans and Democrats are always at each other’s throats.


Outbreaks between citizens in different political groups aren’t uncommon these days.   The violence continues to get worse and worse as time goes on.


People today are very opinionated and tend to lash out at others based on their political views.


Much like the people of Rome who broke out into Civil wars due to their political views, which lead to their decline. Could America be next?……….

America’s Second Civil War??

It’s common knowledge that America fought a civil war over differing views.  We still disagree today on why we fought that war. Whether it was over the ethics of slavery or the economics of slavery.


We’ve gone into a war over two parties disagreeing, who says it can’t happen again.  


Everyone knows that republicans and democrats disagree over many of topics.  Everything from healthcare and abortion to immigration and safety.


Their views are so opposite from each other it’s not surprising republicans and democrats argue on who’s right.  They can’t seem to find a middle ground on what they believe.


Both parties think that their views are the correct ones and can’t seem to come up with a compromise.


Their inability to come up with compromises scares me a little.  They couldn’t come up with a compromise for slavery. So instead they divided the country and went into war.  Could the disagreements about border security send us into our next civil war?

America’s Biggest dispute

In recent news, disagreements between the two groups and the president have lead to a government shutdown.


This has known to be the longest shutdown of the government in US history. Lasting for a total of 35 days.


The shutdown was caused after disagreements between government officials and the president regarding the border wall.


The president and the republican party wants a border wall that totals up to almost 6 billion dollars in government funds.  While the democratic party believes the money proposed for the border wall could be used in more strategic way.


The president was willing to close the government if he didn’t get the funds that  he had needed for the border wall. Due to the shutdown many federal workers did not receive their paychecks.  

Our Take

We don’t think that America will fall like the downfall of Rome.


Unlike the people of Rome, most Americans are educated and well informed on the political and social issues in our government today and are interested in civic matters.


Now that technology is so common everyone has a way of keeping up with political matters.  There are hundreds of websites available where you could inform yourself about what is happening in our country.  


With the amount of material available to read about political and social issues its very easy to stay well informed.

By: Ryleigh Baltimore & Mara Leary

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